A long and lingering look into some of the very best new film works from American independent cinema. The budget ranges may vary, but this exciting, challenging and provocative group of films are united in striving for an original voice and allowing new talent to thrive and prosper. The section has long been a mainstay of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, and it is testament to the strength of the diverse filmmaking scene in the US that we are able to present such an exciting and varied group of new films.

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Our Animation strand continues to champion the risk takers and technical masters of the art form, featuring exciting new work and rarely-seen retrospective gems from across the world. As well as our usual focus on shorts, both British and international, this year's programme features not one, but two Masters of Animation: Ralph Bakshi and Barry Purves. The McLaren Award for Best New British Animation continues into its 26th year, and is once again generously supported by the British Council. We are also honoured to welcome our old friends Disney•Pixar back to Edinburgh with their wonderful new feature, Inside Out.

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The breadth of film talent - both in front of and behind the camera - is exemplified in this year's selection of the best of new British cinema, which features a remarkably strong and provocative selection of films from around the country. New films from Wales, England and Scotland combine to explore a variety of styles and genres, but are united in their determination to tell new stories in a variety of filmic styles. Films in consideration for the prestigious Michael Powell Award will be selected from this section.

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Black Box plunges into the innovative and thought-provoking world of experimental and artists' film – from abstract to documentary, from celluloid to digital, and from the quietly contemplative to the perceptually immersive. This year the four shorts programmes converge around the interconnecting themes of environmental crisis, performance, dream states and experiential awakenings, whilst the two features focus on expedition and exploration. Telemach Wiesinger's kaleidoscopic travelogue complements Felix Dufour-Laperriere's breathtaking transatlantic journey aboard a cargo ship. To round this all up, Black Box Live returns for a third year of audiovisual performance at the Traverse Theatre – a cine-concert with the Dead Rat Orchestra.

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The boundaries between cinema and television continue to blur, with up-and-coming filmmaking talent now rubbing shoulders with veteran directors when it comes to exciting new television. We are delighted to present two exciting new productions, featuring some great actors, offering great entertainment and inventive television at its very best.

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A chance to revisit and enjoy all over again a selection of films that offer their own distinctive cinematic stamp. From the disco high camp of the director's cut of 54 to the sheer cult bizarreness of Roar, this year's Edinburgh International Film Festival presents a selection of films getting a rare chance to be seen on the big screen.

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The Festival ends on Sun 28 June with the world premiere screening of Scott Graham's Iona, starring Ruth Negga in a family drama set against the most beautiful of backdrops.

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A selection of new works from some of the film world's greatest established and auteur directors. Featuring a broad range of styles and stories, all delivered with verve and panache, the films offer an enthralling insight into stories from around the world. An impressive, engaging and often provocative group of films, Directors' Showcase is a striking insight into contemporary world cinema.

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The rise in popularity of documentary cinema has been a remarkable trend in recent years, with filmmakers stretching the boundaries of the format, tone and style of non-fiction films. This year's Edinburgh International Film Festival features an unusually strong selection of new films and, to help draw emphasis to the genre, the festival has introduced a 'Doc of the Day' strand, featuring a series of screenings that all have events linked to them. The documentary section is a formidable way to travel the world and delve into fascinating real-life stories.

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There are films for everyone at EIFF, and our Junior titles are chosen for our young audiences and the young at heart. Cinema is a magical place where, for a couple of hours, we can travel anywhere and experience other worlds and different lives; it's exciting, emotional, informative and hugely entertaining. From competitive paper plane-making in the Australian outback to saving your best friend who is trapped in a computer game, the adventure starts here...

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Mexico has a long tradition as one of the most prolific film production countries in Latin America. In partnership with, and as part of, the Year of Mexico in the UK, EIFF is bringing the very best of Mexican cinema to Edinburgh and the UK. Paying particular attention to some of the most discussed films on the international film festival circuit, this Focus on Mexico presents a unique selection of new feature films, classics and a short film programme, altogether featuring 20 films from a wide range of genres that we hope will nurture the current debate on Mexican cinema.

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As we enjoy the new cinematic style of the best American television, the dividing lines between the big screen and the small screen continue to blur. With massive franchises growing to span both mediums, and pay-per-view "box sets" offering narrative scope far beyond the confines of feature film duration, it's no wonder that acclaimed and experienced film directors now move happily between the two. Slowly but surely, American television has increased its currency, and is now capable of staging an "event" that rivals the excitement and publicity of a major cinema release. This has happened before. In the late '60s and '70s, films made for television in the US were similarly regarded as important "events", some even gaining theatrical release. This strand takes an affectionate look back at a selection of the most significant titles from that era, celebrating the cream of the first golden age of American TV movies.

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A global array of exciting and challenging new works from talented and emerging filmmakers from around the world: all provocative and distinctive, providing a perfect platform for dipping into cinematic stories that will impress, beguile and challenge in equal measure. The section offers an intriguing snapshot of new film trends from around the world, as well as offering up some bold, vibrant and exciting films.

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A journey into the dark, thrilling, chilling and dangerous side of cinema, with a selection of genre-busting edge-of-your-seat cinematic gems. Ranging from bloodthirsty horror through to spiralling, stylish martial arts, this selection of late-night features offers up horror and humour in equal measure as well as delivering some serious pulse-pounding entertainment.

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EIFF 2015 opens with the world premiere of Robert Carlyle's feature directorial debut, The Legend of Barney Thomson, featuring Carlyle as a Glasgow barber who accidentally becomes a serial killer.

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A thrilling showcase of the finest brand-new short films from across the globe, these specially-curated selections invite audiences to traverse fascinating thematic pathways and explore the work of some of most promising of the UK's emerging filmmakers. Alongside hypnotic journeys through world-spanning folklore, investigations of the ways that memory can be refracted through the filmmaking process, and explorations of both cerebral and visceral ways of portraying individual experience, there are also special programmes of the newest works from the film academies and our annual presentation of the Scottish Documentary Institute's newest Bridging the Gap collection.

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Once again, EIFF is delighted to present a series of special events that have been designed to complement our programme of films, immersing you in the cinematic experience in a variety of different ways. Whether it's by getting up close and personal with your favourite actor or having the chance to hear a Hollywood blockbuster score performed by Scotland's national symphony orchestra, these exciting, surprising and always insightful events will let you take your festival experience to a whole new level.

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A selection of the freshest new films picked by EIFF's Young Programmers. This intrepid group of film fanatics, aged 15-19, spend three months working with EIFF to discover some of the finest international shorts and features exploring the lives and the issues pertinent to young people around the world. These are bold, exciting and often very surprising films that will be of interest to all ages. As well as these titles, look out for other films with youth themes that they have highlighted throughout the Festival - branded Y&W in our brochure. EIFF Young Programmers will also be hosting Q&As and events at Youth Hub.

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With this year's other retrospective strand highlighting significant American television movies of the late '60s and '70s, it's time to renew EIFF's fond acquaintance with a director whose early career unfolded, in extraordinary fashion, during exactly the same era. With credits on such classics as The Thomas Crown Affair, The Getaway, Alien and Aliens; and writer/director of such highly influential films as The Driver, The Warriors and 48 Hrs; the multi-talented Walter Hill is truly one of the greats. In 1984, EIFF screened Hill's Streets of Fire, and he was here in person. Therefore, with history in mind, this strand takes us chronologically through the complete catalogue of Hill's directorial work up to that point. The resulting unbroken run of astonishing, essential American cinema revisits films that graced EIFF and celebrates a remarkable filmmaker once again.

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