EIFF Short Film Challenge is a celebration of new and emerging filmmakers from across Scotland through a screening of short films made especially for this competition in EIFF’s 70th year.

l-r: Sarah Mason/Saltire Society, Janine Koppe, jury members Rosie Crerar, Siri Rodnes and Tom Chesover, Grant Holden, Chris Marks

Winners announced!

Best Film - COLLECTIONS, Dir. Janine Koppe

Most Innovative use of the ESFC Theme (Seventy) - ON TARGET, Dir. Chris Marks

Special Jury Mention – WAITING ROOM, Dir. Grant Holden

The third edition of the EIFF Short Film Challenge took place on 6th August, 2016. The Short Film Challenge Jury members, writer/director Siri Rodnes, producer Rosie Crerar, and Tom Chesover from BBC Films selected the winners from the ten shortlisted films.

The Saltire Society award for Most Promising Filmmaker was presented to Janine Koppe.

Independent charity The Saltire Society offered a £3,000 prize fund to help the Most Promising Filmmaker in the competition to make their next short film. The winner will also receive additional guidance and support from EIFF's Talent Development team.

The winner of the EIFF Short Film Challenge 2016 Best Film received an all expenses paid trip to Encounters Short Film and Animation Film Festival in Bristol in September. All winners also received a GoPRo Hero 4 camera.


Congratulations to all the EIFF Short Film Challenge Winners 2016!


EIFF Short Film Challenge Programme 2016

1. Collections - Dir. Janine Koppe - Dur: 7.43'
While moonlighting as a brush thief to compensate for his baldness, a
surprising discovery drives recluse Bob to come to terms with his insecurity.

2. Superfly Super 8 Circa Nineteen Seventy Seven - Dir. Sarahjane Swan & Roger Simian – Dur: 2.36'
An experimental homage to Super 8 imagining a Film Noir thriller made by New York's No Wave / Cinema of Transgression filmmakers.

3. On Target - Dir. Chris Marks - Dur: 5.07'
A visually dramatic documentary capturing the focus and concentration of
Scotland’s top archer as he strives to win a place on the British Olympic team.

4. The Water Of Life - Dir. Bill Walsh - Dur: 4.52'
On his 70th birthday a man receives instructions to find some buried ‘treasure’ and discovers a gift that has significance in the past, present and future.

5. Earth 70 - Dir. Ryan Scott - Dur: 3.47'
Years of polluting the earth have led to humans being forced to leave for survival and now they are in search of their 70th planet.

6. Waiting Room - Dir. Grant Holden - Dur: 3.44'
A short ambiguous animation that centres on the concept of waiting.

7. Reading In Bed @70 - Dir. Joy Pitman - Dur: 6.25'
Monkey, Alice and Ba (influenced by Tarkovsky and Iain M Banks) portray the effects of reading late in bed when you are over 70. http://veras-monkey.blogspot.co.uk/

8. WHERE ART THOU? - Dir. Jane Houston Green - Dur: 3.47’
A quirky look at Romeo & Juliet to celebrate 400 years of Shakespeare ... with
glass lifts, balconies and Sicilian sunshine.

9. Channel 70 - Dir. Sean Hall - Dur: 8'00
Two lonely television viewers, Nicole and Jeff, develop a connection after a
network glitch causes them to appear on each other’s screens at channel

10. Carpe Diem! - Dir. Seylan Baxter - Dur. 2.30'
Tempus Fugit – time flies – but if we make time for the simple things in life, the world around us is a better place.


If you have any questions please contact the Challenge Coordinator Maija Hietala: maija.hietala@edfilmfest.org.uk

The Short Film Challenge is supported through the Scottish Government’s Edinburgh Festivals Expo Fund and by Creative Scotland.

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