Submission 2016 FAQs


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The answer to most of your questions can be found in our Rules and Regulations.

1) I am having problems submitting via – who should I contact?
Please contact Withoutabox on

2) I have posted my submission DVD but have not yet received confirmation that it has arrived and been accepted as a submission - what should I do?
Please remember that due to the volume of submissions received, it may take some time for your submission to be fully processed by the Submissions Team. Please leave at least four weeks for your submission to be processed and confirmation to be sent. If you have not heard from us after four weeks, please get in touch -

3) Do I still have to fill in an EIFF submission form if I have applied through
No, but please remember to write your Withoutabox tracking number on your DVD and envelope when you send your submission to EIFF.

4) What constitutes a UK Premiere?
A UK premiere is the minimum requirement for all films in the official selection of EIFF. This means that your film must not have screened publicly anywhere in the UK, been broadcast before a UK audience or been made available for online viewing or downloading in the UK prior to the dates of EIFF. The only exception is the case of Short Animation films, for which theatrical screenings within the UK prior to EIFF are allowed.

5) My film can be viewed online, is it still eligible to submit?
No, any films that are or have screened online are ineligible for submission.

6) My film has been broadcast on British television, is it still eligible to submit?
No, any films that have screened on TV in Britain are ineligible for submission.

7) What screening formats does EIFF accept?
Your submitted screener should be on DVD (PAL or NTSC). Where appropriate screeners must have English subtitles.

If your title is accepted, our Screenings Department will discuss screening formats with you. EIFF always screens at the optimum possible format for your title. We will not screen from DVD. Please see our rules and regulations for more information.

8) How old can my film be?
Your film should be no older than 12 months before the start of the festival; it should have been completed after June of the previous year.

9) Can I submit a rough cut and if so, can I submit the final cut later?
Our programmers will consider rough cuts, and will judge the film accordingly. No film will be rejected on the basis of being incomplete. However, due to the large volume of titles we receive, we cannot guarantee that programmers will be able to watch the completed film at a later date. Please consider this before submitting the rough cut and aim to have your final cut ready and submitted by our LATE deadline.

10) I submitted last year, can I submit the same film this year?
We will not consider previously submitted work unless it has been considerably re-edited or re-shot. If you are unsure, it probably means it hasn’t been changed enough. If we have already viewed your film as a rough cut last year, we usually will not consider it for the following year.

11) Does your deadline refer to arrival or postage dates?
Our deadlines are POSTMARK deadlines.

12) What happens to my film once I have submitted?
Your film will be viewed by a selection of professional EIFF programmers. If you have been successful we will contact you by the end of April.

13) Will my screener be returned to me?
No. Due to the large volume of titles received by our Submissions team, we are unable to return your screeners.

If your submission is unsuccessful we will inform you by e-mail as soon as possible, no later than early May 2016.


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