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We're told, ‘camp mocks bad taste; kitsch exploits it.’ Given that bad taste tends to be a matter of opinion, EIFF is pleased to present this set of quirky, highly entertaining films with popular appeal

Meet Monica Velour
Meet Tobe, Napoleon Dynamite’s more articulate alter ego with added social skills. He’s obsessed with seventies porn star Monica Velour, drives a vintage hot dog van and has a penchant for thirties music, yet he struggles with the ladies. When the opportunity arises for him to meet the women of his dreams, in the form of Kim Cattrall, can he cope with the reality?

Smelling is believing, so don your finest highly-flammable garments and enjoy this eighties John Waters classic in glorious Odorama. Drag queen and longsuffering housewife Divine discovers her husband is a serial adulterer, her children are running wild and she’s unlikely to come out smelling of roses. Come along for cocktails (with umbrellas) and prizes at the pre-screening party.

A slasher flick with a difference. Pretty girls in tennis shorts will be slain and the authorities will remain oblivious to outright carnage but first-time writers and directors Navot Papushado and Aharon Keshales have a few surprises in store that will impress even hardened horror buffs.

Sound It Out
No, that’s not John Cusack behind the counter but Tom from Teesside, owner of the last surviving record shop in the area. Jeanie Finlay’s witty documentary about men, music, memories and misspent youth is for anyone who collects, alphabetises and loathes fingerprints on their much-loved vinyl.

Glow sticks, smilies and recreational drugs, it must be rave. The illegal warehouses of Manchester, super-villas of Ibiza and Amsterdam-based debauchery provide the backdrops for the highs and accompanying lows of friends Dylan and Matt as they join the promotional elite. Hot on the heels of last year’s Pelican Blood, Karl Golden’s return to EIFF is a stylish follow-up.

Tickets can be purchased online, by telephone on 0131 228 2688 or in person at Filmhouse and Festivalhouse@Teviot.

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