Top tweets from #edfilmfest fans!

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Here at EIFF, we love to hear from you. Since our call for updates, EIFF has been a-Twitter with your reviews and photos. Here are some of the highlights.

So far you've all contributed some great 140-character reviews...

#edfilmfest And Everything is Going Fine is an intimate uncomplicated mesmerising pleasure.

Just saw Made @edfilmfest, an amazing, devastating sucker punch of a movie. One of my favourites so far

#edfilmfest Excellent screening of Barry Munday last night. Document Shorts 1 was good. Launderette was the highlight.

@edfilmfest Out of the Ashes is a must-see documentary - heartwarming to see a side of Afghanistan that isn't about war. Two big thumbs up!

saw #monsters @edfilmfest last nite - great film, hope it gets distribution so i can see it again...a must-see!

Best film of #edfilmfest so far? Mai Mai Miracle. By a (Japanese) country mile.

 Personal anecdotes...

Totally just got my Watchmen dvd signed by Patrick Wilson at the @edfilmfest premiere of Barry Munday. Another great night at #eiff 2010

Fantastic day at #edfilmfest watching Michael Caine in Pulp @Filmhouse with Mike Hodges intro. Lovely man. He has a novel out, go buy it.

Just been to hear SIR Patrick Stewart at the #edfilmfest. What a sweetheart. He was hilarious and cried occasionally.

Enjoyed the splendidly schlocky Pulp starring Michael Caine, screening in the #edfilmfest retrospective, introduced by director Mike Hodges. 

And brilliant photographs...

Legendary Trainspotting actor Ewan Bremner at the EIFF Runways Party at the Apex City Hotel #edfilmfest

RyanMcGoverne - Ryan also photographed the title image.
Second Sean Connery portrait, taken at #edfilmfest #EIFF

As always, you can Tweet us your updates @edfilmfest, and tag them using #edfilmfest. We hope to hear from you soon!

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