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We take a look at how our creative friends at Central Station have been experiencing the Fest.

Central Station is a social networking platform for people in the arts, film, and design. The community is a place for showcasing yourself, meeting your peers, and collaboration.

Central Station have been embracing social media as a platform for covering Edinburgh International Film Festival. Their reporters Sasha and Ben have been writing reviews, blogging, uploading audio clips and interviews through audioboo, and live-blogging with images and video clips.

Their interactive approach incorporates popular social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook as promotional tools for their content.

As well as covering EIFF, Central Station hosted its own event entitled Sound:Image:Art, which they live-blogged from the Central Station bulletin page. The event included a special screening of two films by created by Roderick Buchanan in association with Savalas, in collaboration with Fear Wasabi, and commissioned by Central Station. The films are entitled Tattoo and Lament, and you can view them by clicking on the links.

The Bulletin is the hub for discussion on the website. Along with Sasha and Ben's coverage, members and filmmakers have also profiled their coverage of the Fest. Editor Aldo also wrote a piece on a short film he had worked on called Ever Here I Be which showed as part of the Festival, which can be found here.

Edinburgh International Film Festival has featured prominently on the bulletin over the past couple of weeks.

For more coverage of the Fest and to join the collaborative forces with its members, visit Central Station at, and follow them on Twitter @CenSta.

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  • Ben Werdmuller von Elgg Friday 25th June, 2010 / 12:45 GMT

    Thanks Nicola!

    Covering the festival for Central Station has been a blast, as well as a privilege - this is one of the most prominent arts events of the year, after all.

    Sasha and I will be moving on to pastures new after this week. If anyone's looking for a super-enthusiastic culture reporter or two (I also cover technology), let us know.

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