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Chu-Li Shewring

My background in fine art led me to graduate in Sound Art from the London College of Communication in 2004 after a two-year break in my degree. During that time, I worked as a production assistant
at Illuminations, where I made short film features about arts and culture events. While I was at the London College of Communication, I directed an experimental nature documentary set in the jungles of Borneo, which was premiered at the Rotterdam Film Festival in 2005. My interest in science and medicine also led me to work at Charing Cross Hospital as a medical filmmaker.

My interest in filmmaking became more focused on how sound can affect a film greatly. This led me to study at the NFTS where I learned to bring together my playful tendencies in sound design whilst developing a more critical approach to film. Since graduating I have been working as a freelance sound designer on an arts feature film as well as assisting at PD Sound Design as a sound effects editor.

I hope to continue producing my own films, and as an avid radio listener, am keen to explore how my work can approach this medium.

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