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  • Day of the Flowers World Premiere

    Stars Eva Birthistle and Carlos Acosta talk about the colourful and wryly humourous Day of the Flowers - the first scripted role for the world-renowned ballet dancer Acosta. The film received a World Premiere at EIFF 2012.

  • Christian Cooke talks about Unconditional

    Actor Christian Cooke talks about his powerhouse performance in darkly comic psycho-drama Unconditional, which received a UK Premiere at EIFF 2012.

  • EIFF Talent Lab 2012

    CEO of the Centre for the Moving Image, Ken Hay, talks about the importance of the industry programme at EIFF, in particular Talent Lab. Some of the 2012 participants tell what they will take away from this year's excellent range of events.

  • Life Just Is at EIFF

    Director Alex Barrett talks about the inspiration behind his feature debut, Life Just Is, which received a World Premiere at the 2012 Edinburgh International Film Festival.

  • Martens hits the Jackpot

    Director Magnus Martens discusses his jaw-dropping adaptation of dark comedy, Jackpot, and how he came up with some gruesome ways to dispatch characters.

  • The Michael Powell Award Competition

    EIFF Artistic Director Chris Fujiwara talks about some of the outstanding selection of films competing for the Michael Powell Award at this year’s Festival.

  • Coyle and Bradley discuss Grabbers

    Actors Richard Coyle and Ruth Bradley talk about the inspired British horror-comedy Grabbers, and reveal an unusual method of preparing for their roles.

  • EIFF Retrospectives with Chris Fujiwara

    Artistic Director Chris Fujiwara takes a look at the Retrospective programmes celebrating the work of two great directors, Shinji Somai and Gregory La Cava.

  • Richard Coyle on Pusher

    • Luis Prieto /
    • UK /
    • 2012 /
    • 86 mins

    Actor Richard Coyle discusses his outstanding performance as a drug dealer in the high-octane Pusher.

  • Octopus oracle

    EIFF favourite Alexandre O. Philippe talks about his latest documentary, The Life and Times of Paul the Psychic Octopus; the official and exclusive story of the world's most beloved and scorned cephalopod, whose remarkable string of eight correct 'predictions' during the 2010 Soccer World Cup made him a worldwide superstar.

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Let them eat cake! With three layers of Scottish delights... Great British Bake Off semi-finalist, Flora Shedden today presented Edinburgh International Film Festival’s Artistic Director, Mark Adams, with a specially created, three-tier cake in celebration of the Festival’s 70th edition.

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