Fusion Shorts

  • 90 mins

Some short films just don’t fit! This year our short fiction, documentary, experimental and animation programmers have put their heads together to create a truly eclectic programme of international short films that defy categorization. Fusing different cinematic techniques and moving through a variety of themes from marginal characters, imagined worlds and contemplative journeys to existential angst, fraught relationships and the poetry of the everyday, these hybrid films celebrate the diversity of short filmmaking.


Eileen Pratt - European Premiere
Michael Kratochvil/Australia/2011/English dialogue/Colour/14 min 59 sec
"Eileen Pratt is a consummate outsider, conducting her existence in line with her own peculiar rituals and obsessions. Interweaving the simultaneously surreal and banal everyday experience of Pratt, the viewer observes an existence that tugs at the intersection between dream and reality" (Lydia Beilby).

The Last Bus (Posledný autobus) - UK Premiere
Martin Snopek, Ivana Lau?íková/Slovakia/2011/Slovak dialogue with English subtitles/Colour/16 min
"A dilapidated bus transports a curious selection of actors masked with taxidermy animal heads to their ultimate destination, but en route they are harassed by hunters" (Iain Gardner).
Nominated for The Award for Best Film in the International Short Film Competition.

Last Portrait (Último retrato) - International Premiere
David Varela/Spain/2011/No dialogue/Colour/11 min
"One of a series of 'portraits' of the Ganga River between India and Bangladesh. An atmospheric and contemplative boat trip along the sacred river. Not a word is exchanged – the place speaks for itself" (Kim Knowles).

Silent-Mind (Silenziosa-Mente) - UK Premiere
Alessia Travaglini/Italy/2011/No dialogue/Colour/5 min
"A surreal film which enters the dreams and nightmares we go through every day, a ‘metaphor of vision’ that shows the shapes of the world beyond realism. Overtones of 'Alice in Wonderland'" (Iain Gardner).

Walt Disney Square (Praça Walt Disney) - UK Premiere
Sergio Oliveira, Renata Pinheiro/Brazil/2011/No dialogue/Colour/21 min
"The camera’s dynamic and mobile gaze explores landscapes, shapes, patterns and colour, juxtaposing and contrasting the organic and the fabricated, and imploring the viewer to actively reflect on the slippery concepts of truth and reality in relation to emotional experience" (Lydia Beilby).

The Waves (As ondas) - UK Premiere
Miguel Fonseca/Portugal/2012/Portuguese dialogue with English subtitles/Colour/22 min
"This sparse narrative tells the story of two sisters caught in a mutually dependent relationship with potentially dangerous consequences. Set against the dramatic and beautifully photographed Portuguese coastline, the building tension is almost tangible" (Kim Knowles).
Nominated for The Award for Best Film in the International Short Film Competition.


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