Black Box Shorts 1: Surfaces and Layers

  • 78 mins

Perception is a journey through textures. The films in this programme present the range of perceptual possibilities that can be created through techniques of duplication and layering, and explorations of surfaces and textures. They demonstrate different approaches to surface and depth, from direct interventions on the celluloid strip to digital manipulations of figurative or abstract phenomena. The screening features a special double 16mm projection by Daïchi Saïto, and includes films by Jennifer Reeves, Siegfried Fruhauf, Kerry Laitala and others.


Chromatic Cocktail 180 Proof - UK Premiere
Kerry Laitala/USA/2011/No dialogue/Colour/8 min
In a nod to the early experimental animators, this lively, colourful 3D piece takes abstract film to a new perceptual. 

Curious Light
- UK Premiere
Charlotte Pryce/USA/2011/English dialogue/Colour/4 min
An entirely hand processed film that examines textures through light – the fibres of a page and the emulsion of the film.
Nominated for The Award for Best Film in the International Short Film Competition.

Deep Red
- UK Premiere
Esther Urlus/Netherlands/2012/No dialogue/Colour/7 min 15 sec
Constantly exploring new analogue filmmaking techniques, Urlus here delves into the practice of additive colour.

Heavy Eyes
(Schwere Augen) - UK Premiere
Siegfried A Fruhauf/Austria/2011/No dialogue/BW/10 min
Digital and analogue come together in a gradually intensifying and perceptually challenging process of layering and multiplication of found.
Nominated for The Award for Best Film in the International Short Film Competition.

Landfill 16
- UK Premiere
Jennifer Reeves/USA/2011/No dialogue/Colour/9 min
Recycled 16mm outtakes from a previous film are buried in the ground and then repainted – “a meditation on nature’s losing battle to decompose relics of our abandoned technologies” (Jennifer Reeves).

Never a Foot Too Far, Even
- UK Premiere
DaïchiSaïto/Canada/2012/No dialogue/Colour/14 min
A short section from an old Kung fu film is reworked into an abstract layered tapestry, with a hypnotic violin soundtrack by Malcolm Goldstein. Double 16mm projection.

- World Premiere
Kenneth Feinstein/Indonesia, Singapore/2011/No dialogue/Colour/2 min 35 sec
Multiple superimpositions constantly question the true nature of the image – a fishpond becomes a puddle as our eyes oscillate between surface and depth.

- UK Premiere
Martina Heyduk/Austria/2011/No dialogue/Colour/8 min
Various techniques of working directly on the celluloid – painting, scratching and carving; touching, caressing and attacking – give rise to a carnival of colours and patterns.

Under the Shadow of Marcus Mountain
- UK Premiere
Robert Schaller/USA/2011/No dialogue/BW/7 min
Images of a mountain shot with a pinhole camera slide in and out of view, always there but somehow always out of reach.

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