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  • Charlotte Gainsbourg vs. The Green Goblin

    Charlotte Gainsbourg vs. The Green Goblin

    Jason and I saw Antichrist this afternoon. It's the feel good movie
    of the festival, like a Disney film with genital mutilation.


  • Stately affairs

    Several film festival jurors were ferried off to attend a fete at the stately Edinburgh Castle Sunday night to honor of the Scottish film industry's partnership with the Indian film world.

  • Ain't no party like a U.S. Consulate party

    Ain't no party like a U.S. Consulate party

    Yesterday I joined a group of fellow filmmakers at the U.S. Consulate. It was a collection of six very different films represented by six disparate directors, yet all of us with the same struggles.

  • A great time had by all

    • Posted Sunday 21 June, 2009

    No festival would be complete without its very own party circuit and EIFF is no different.

  • The next big thing?

    The next big thing?

    Each year at the fest, there's much fun to be had in guessing what 'the next big thing' is going to be, and I reckon a local production could be this year's hot ticket.

  • Intellectual nourishment

    Friday was a record day for the Michael Powell jury. We watched 3 films between 9 and 4 with a short break for lunch. While we were entertained, minds stimulated and our curiosity piqued, sustenance came in a variety of forms.

  • A lovely lazy day

    A lovely lazy day

    We took it easy today. First thing, we watched Paper Solider which both Jason and I found completely charming. I only wish they had shot the camel into space.

  •  Away To The Library Bar

    Away To The Library Bar

    That’s where I spent most of my evening at last night’s Away We Go party. I have no celebrity anecdotes to offer, but I did meet a number of lovely people. I suppose I could regale you with tales of the evening’s questionable decisions, but what happens in the Library Bar stays in the Library Bar.

  • Tales from the opening night

    Just before Away We Go screened at the fest last night, John Krasinski, who stars in the film with Maya Rudolph, popped by to mingle with festivalgoers sipping champagne in a private room next to the theatre.

  • Bloggers unite

    Bloggers unite

    During a hectic first day of the fest, I finally got to meet my fellow bloggers, and our online audience are in for a treat.

  • The Jury gathers

    The festival juries arrived somewhat bleary-eyed Monday and Tuesday, winging (and in one case ferrying) in from around Europe, the US and Australia.

  • Unbeknownst to me, I served in the military

    Unbeknownst to me, I served in the military

    My fellow blogger Colan Mehaffey filmed an on-camera interview with me just a couple of hours ago. Now as an aspiring filmmaker you often rehearse in your mind what it will be like when you do the late night talk shows: Letterman, Leno, The Daily Show.

  • In defence of Antichrist

    In defence of Antichrist

    When it comes to courting controversy, few directors have greater experience than Lars von Trier, but the Festival is right to screen the shocking Antichrist.

  • Reality bites...

    Reality bites...

    It’s that’re trying to answer five emails at once, everyone get a solution to a guest/screenings/lack of jaffa cake issue that has just occurred, and you know the nagging feeling that you have forgotten to do something will haunt you until the end of the festival.

  • Getting ready for EIFF

    Getting ready for EIFF

    "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet;
    So zombie would, were he not zombie call'd."

    It’s late in my New York apartment and tomorrow I say goodbye to normal life.

  • A special event for a special talent

    A special event for a special talent

    In among the glitz and glamour of the Festival, there are moments which remind you that EIFF is, above all, about a passion for cinema.

  • Another dimension

    Another dimension

    With the announcement of Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs at EIFF, I may be tempted to my first 3-D movie experience in 26 years.

  • A true local hero

    A true local hero

    Just occasionally reading about films inspires me more than watching them, expecially when it throws up an anecdote that makes me appreciate a filmmaker even more.

  • Big, brash and Bay

    Big, brash and Bay

    Checking over the films on general release during EIFF (well, we have to know the competition), one movie sticks out - Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

  • Dummies guide to planning your Festival

    Dummies guide to planning your Festival

    Every year I inevitably come across a lost soul at Festival time, dejected because they’ve missed out on a great film or an onstage appearance by their cinematic idol.

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