Author: Hannah McGill

profile photo: Hannah McGill
Born in Lerwick in 1976 and brought up in Lerwick, West Germany and Lincolnshire. Hannah is a graduate of Glasgow University and has been a music critic, a TV critic and a film critic in her time. She has been involved in EIFF since 2001 and was Artistic Director from 2006-2010.

Recent articles by Hannah McGill

  • EIFF Friend Harvey Pekar Passes Away

    EIFF Friend Harvey Pekar Passes Away

    We are all most saddened by the death of the comic book legend and memorable EIFF guest Harvey Pekar. A legend of the US comic scene, Pekar found fame and huge critical acclaim by chronicling his daily life in the long-running series American Splendor. His mordant tales of day-to-day frustrations and ironies were illustrated by a succession of influential artists, including Robert Crumb, Gilbert Hernandez and Alan Moore.

  • Exam


    It’s always exciting when one of our treasured titles makes its first foray into the wider world of cinema release, but we’re especially pleased to see Stuart Hazeldine’s Exam unleashed on the world.