Pathways – Films to Make You Scream!

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Enjoy the darkest, most mysterious, most horrifying films screening during the rest of the Fest.

The Guvnors (24 & 25 June)
Two generations of London gangsters clash in this violent thriller. Gabe Turner explores the sinister, inescapable legacy of a life of crime. If you missed our Opening Night film, Hyena, the World Premiere of The Guvnors is a worthy alternative from our programme.

Hellion (24 & 25 June)
Aaron Paul stars as single father Hollis as he loses control of his increasingly delinquent son Jacob. This family drama deals with loss, struggles with adversity, and the kind of bad behaviour that gets the attention of the social services.

Perfect Garden (25 & 29 June)
Take a surreal and visceral journey into human desire in this film about a group of hedonistic young men and women whose revels are interrupted by the arrival of a Mafia boss. Austrian directors Mara Mattuschka and Chis Haring create a dark, animalistic atmosphere reminiscent of David Lynch – with the surprise addition of delightfully absurd humour. 

Hardkor Disko (26 & 27 June)
This compelling and disturbing Polish film follows a stranger with a mysterious grudge and murderous intent. Director Krzysztof Skonieczny twists and turns ordinary domestic situations turned into scenes of unnerving tension. This is a film that will stay with you for a long time – and might even make you scream aloud.

In Order of Disappearance (Kraftidioten) (27 June)
If you like Scandi crime you’ll love this Norwegian revenge story, which our programmers say is like Death Wish set in Fargo, but funnier – and bloodier! It has all the hallmarks from the gruesome grime to the pitch-black comedy, all set agains a Norwegian winter.

Honeymoon (27 & 28 June)
Director Leigh Janiak’s debut feature comes out swinging with a honeymoon that turns sinister. When newlyweds Paul (Harry Treadaway) and Bea (Rose Leslie) begin a romantic honeymoon at her family's isolated country cabin, they meet some less than welcoming characters, and things begin to get spooky... 

Miss Zombie (28 June)
Miss Zombie begins quite like Gremlins does – with the delivery of a crate containing a young female zombie, a gun, and written instructions that include the stern warning not to feed her meat. The family begins to bond with her, and you can guess what might happen next. This eerie and gripping variation on the typical horror story marks a welcome return to form from cult director Sabu.

Soul (Shi hun) (28 June)
Fresh from Taiwan, Soul is an original blend of horror, suspense, family drama and hallucinatory spiritual adventure. When a demon who's taken over his son's body, it's up to his rural farmer father to cover it up. We guarantee it will take even the most hardened genre fans by surprise.

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