Grab Tickets for Sell-Out Shows

 We've released scores of tickets to previously sold-out shows.

Hello festival-goers,

We've now released additional tickets to the following, previously sold-out screenings. Grab them while they're hot!

The Adventures of Gerard - 25 June 
Angel and Tony - 18 June
Bobby Fischer Against the World - 20 June
By Day and By Night - 23 June
Charlie Casanova - 24 June
Cityscapes - 16 and 21 June
Deep End - 26 June 
Jitters - 17 June
Mrs Carey's Concert - 24 June
Perfect Sense - 19 June
Post Mortem - 21 and 22 June 
The Shout - 26 June
Shut Up Little Man: An Audio Misadventure - 18 June

There are also a very limited number of tickets left for the following:

Fast Romance - 17 June
Troubadours - 23 and 25 June
Truth About Men - 16 and 17 June


We will do our best to update this page, but plese be aware that screenings may sell out again while this page is live.

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  • M G Tuesday 7th June, 2011 / 19:00 GMT

    I think if I had attempted to get tickets for one of these films and had been told it was "sold out", and then missed out again after the second batch was released, I would be massively peed off!!! It seems strange to sell tickets for these films in batches, especially as all of them except Perfect Sense are showing in tiny, small-capacity screens.