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Chiffon swishes. Cameras flash. Air kisses a-go-go… It’s award season in the world of film and Sunday night brings us the Orange British Academy Film Awards.

In an EIFF first, we will be blogging here live throughout the ceremony, bringing you news, comments, opinion and chat to ease you through the ceremony. Will The King’s Speech sweep the boards? Who will be the Rising Star? And will any films from last year’s EIFF take home the coveted mask?

So join me right here at 20:30 on Sunday 13 February for the glitziest night of the British film calendar.

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22:55 - So, the night is over and, well, it hasn't been very surprising. But it has been quaint and brilliantly British. The King's Speech keeps tearing up the boards and hopefully will continue its run all the way to the Oscars. It is doing a great thing for UK cinema. Hopefully, it proves there is great cinema being made here in the United Kingdom and will re-awaken the debate around film funding.

Thank you for joining me here. You have all been wonderful company. Night night.

22:52 - A touching sentiment. I'm off to watch a Christopher Lee film. Where shall I start? The Wickerman?

22:43 - What a film CV. Blooming marvellous. Sir Christopher Lee is awarded the BAFTA Fellowship.

22:39 - And it sweeps the boards, The King's Speech takes Best Film to top off a very successful evening for Tom Hooper and company. A small film that struggled to find money, eventually the UK Film Council came to its aid. Will this re-open the debate about funding films in the UK?

22:34 - Two in a row, Colin Firth takes the Best Actor award for the second year in a row. Expect self-deprecating speech. Bravo!

22:30 - Natalie Portman continues her winning streak with the Best Actress award. She ain't there, boo. I wanted baby bump.

22:28 - Gerard Butler, chuckle chuckle. He is a favourite of several in the EIFF office.

22:26 - David Fincher takes the Best Director award for The Social Network. Brilliant.

22:23 - EIFF patron on the stage, EIFF patron on the stage!!

22:18 - Yay, Aaron Sorkin takes the award for Adapted Screenplay. What a legend.

22:12 - Wooo Hoooo, congratulations to Tom Hardy, this year's Rising Star

22:09 - Rising Star: at least we know there are no Twilight cast members nominated.

22:06 - Best Animated Feature goes to Toy Story 3. Well done Woody and company.

22:04 - Animation - The Illusionist, oh wait, not nominated. Boo.

22:02 - Right, that has gone on long enough. More awards. More awards.

22:00 - What, no Harry. Gutted. Don't want to boast but I worked for a little while on the third film and they are magical.

21:57 - You can say what you like about the Harry Potter films, but they have done a massive amount for British filmmaking. Congratulations.

21:52 - Right, Fry is here. All is going to go okay now.

21:51 - Can I just say, the set is ridiculous. It looks like they are tidying up the props cupboard.

21:49 - Original Screenplay goes to... The King's Speech. They are notching up a large collection. Are we on five now?

21:46 - Isn't Rosamund Pike brilliant.

21:43 - Shocked! Another steal by The King's Speech. Cannot believe Christian Bale didn't take that award. Geoffrey Rush - Best Supporting Actor. Is the UK King's Speech crazy??

21:41 - Jessica Alba is wearing a nice dress.

21:37 - Surprise surprise, another mask for The King's Speech.

21:34 - Should we be running a book on how many awards The King's Speech is going to take? I say 8.

21:31 - Yuck! More robbing going on. Poor Gareth and Nick. We love you guys and you won your awards at Edinburgh. Well done to Chris Morris, very funny man.

21:28 - Right, this is the big one. Gareth and Nick both up for this came to Edinburgh last year. Very talented men. Come on!

21:27 - And that's how you make an acceptance speech.

21:24 - Robbed! She was robbed!! Big congratulations to Helena, she is excellent in The King's Speech but not as good as Leslie.

21:21 - Right, Supporting Actress, this award has got to go to Leslie Manville. Brilliant performance.

21:18 - So Inception quite rightly takes the Special Effects award. Top notch.

21:15 - Special Effects - its got to be Inception

21:13 - So The King's Speech is off the mark. Alexandre Desplat takes the award for Best Original Music. Lovely.

21:11 - Original music... hhhhhmmmm, not sure who will get this, perhaps Hans Zimmer for Inception?

21:07 - The award for best Ricky Gervais impression goes to Jonathan Ross

21:04 - Nasty facial hair. Come on Jon, you're no longer young and hip!

21:02 - The Ballet Boyz?!?!?! Or is it Diversity? Eek!

21:00 - We're off and what a terrible title sequence. I just remembered that Jonathon Rossis presenting. Booo!

20:55 - Almost time. Here in a very grey Edinburgh we are opening a bottle of champagne for the occasion. Ooh, get us!

Just enough time to highlight this year’s Rising Star Award nominees. Bond girl Gemma Arterton. I wouldn’t exactly call her a rising star, more of a superstar. She had about 400 films out last year many of which were made in Hollywood. The Social Network’s Andrew Garfield, whose star is also on the rise. Well, he is the new Spiderman. Nominee number three, Tom Hardy, is also not doing too bad for himself. With Inception behind him he will be returning to work with Christopher Nolan on the new Batman movie. Aaron Johnson, another comic-book-movie star with Kick Ass under his belt. Bringing up the rear is a brilliant Emma Stone who some of you may have seen in Easy A last year.

All very good actors but I do feel they are all doing very well for themselves. Perhaps the Rising Star should be someone a bit less well-know. What do you think?

20:42 - There are a couple films from last year’s EIFF up for awards this year. Nick Whitfield and Gareth Edwards will fight it out as their films are both nominated for the Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer. Whitfield’s Skeletons won the 2010 Michael Powell for Best New British Feature Film and Gareth Edwards’ sci-fi flick Monsters took home the Möet New Directors Award. Both films are excellent pieces that reflect some brilliant new filmmaking talent here in the UK. It’s a tough one.

Sadly, Winter’s Bone is not up for any awards. It appears not to have gained the same recognition on this side of the Atlantic as it has Stateside where the film is nominated for four Oscars. Sylvain Chomet’s The Illusionist is also shamefully not nominated. A beautiful piece of British animation, it is a real upsetting that the voters failed to recognise this outstanding feature. Again, the Academy Awards have honoured the film with a nod.

Oh well, we can’t have them all. Remember though, last year’s winner The Hurt Locker is an EIFF alumni. Just saying.

20:30 - Good evening to you all. Welcome to the first ever live blog from the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Most of the troops are at the Berlinale, so tonight, you have me to keep you company. Hello, I am Neil. I am Special Projects Assistant here at the EIFF and I am BAFTA mad. I love a good award ceremony and the pomp of the British Academy film awards is brilliant. Last year I held a party where I made my very own BAFTA mask and handed it out to person who predicted the most awards (do we need to share this much? – Ed).

Anyway, moving on, tonight is all about the films (yeah right – Ed). The King’s Speech leads the pack with 14 nominations and is likely to take away a large collection of trinkets. Black Swan has 12 nominations followed by The Social Network, The Fighter, Inception and True Grit. All very good contenders; it is going to be an interesting night. There will also be an Outstanding Contribution to British Cinema award for the Harry Potter flicks, and the Fellowship this year will be handed to the marvellous Christopher Lee.

So, sit back, relax, perhaps pour yourself a G&T, and get ready to indulge in the glitz and glamour of the Orange British Academy Film Awards.

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