A funny thing happened on the way to the forum

It's that time of the year when I get to start a few conversations in the newly-updated EIFF Web Members' forum and a few Google searches helped me set the ball rolling on this year's chat.

Of course, it's my duty to keep up to date with all EIFF news - from news-feeds and beyond - but I picked up a couple of peaches on my web wander.

So here are the headlines ...

  • The content of our British film retro has caused a lot of buzz on other websites and with the film crowd. It's become a great online guessing game.
  • Hot Tub Time Machine has appeared on more film of the year 'so-far' lists than is reasonably possible.
  • A review I wrote a long time ago which used the term 'sumptuous cinematic feast' is still hanging around the interweb. Oh dear.
  • Edmonton International Film Festival are trying to pinch our acronym. Sorry guys we got EIFF first. And I have a hashtag to prove it.

Anyway, half of those headlines make it into the inaugural bunch of EIFF 2010 forums, the joy of which is YOU get the chance to set the conversation going. Which means you don't have to chat about the use of the term 'sumptuous cinematic feast' with fellow EIFF Web Members.

Don't forget the forums are for Web Members only. Web Members can also comment on films, get the latest news and win exclusive prizes in our e-newsletters.

It's VERY close to the 1 June launch, so be sure you register as a Web Member now. We'll be sending an e-newsletter to all opted-in Web Members the moment the 2010 programme goes online.




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