The horror...

It's that time of year... Halloween is nearly upon us and some of the horror flicks on general release are terrifying for all the wrong reasons.

Now, I'm not going to claim to be a master, or even a huge fan, of the genre, but something is troubling me about this year's spate of Halloween horror relases.

There's just such a lack of, well, originality in this well-trod genre. So much as the studio marketeers would have us think otherwise, 're-boot' is just another way of saying 're-make'.

I'm a huge fan of John Carpenter, and feel mildly insulted by Rob Zombie taking on Halloween (again). Zombie is a talented director in his own right - The Devil's Own is witness to that - so why take on the master?

The original Final Destination was a great romp but, in true genre style, we're being treated to sequel-after-sequel. And the third instalment is, you've guessed it, 3-D. Let's hope 4-D doesn't make it past the R&D stage.

For Pandorum read Event Horizon II. I'm still wondering if the production company came up with the title for its unique Search Engine Optimisation potential.

What a grumpy old man, eh? Without going all 'I remember when films were films...', I do think the genre itself needs a re-boot. Zombieland and Pontypool offer some (comic) relief, but when can we expect this generation's The Exorcist, The Shining or Dawn of the Dead?

Or perhaps we should just expect a re-boot? Now, that's terrifying.



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