The next big thing?

Each year at the fest, there's much fun to be had in guessing what 'the next big thing' is going to be, and I reckon a local production could be this year's hot ticket.

OK, I'll admit to be being a bit one-eyed here, but it's always great to stumble across a Scottish film that looks set for success.

I first came across Crying with Laughter in the latter part of last year, as a friend was working on the production and perpetually raving about its potential. Before you call shenanigans on me for being biased, I'll add that they've worked on many films that are, well, not classics.

Having seen the film, I can now see why they were so excited.

Crying with Laughter has, and this is the key for me, a great story at its core. A stand-up comedian (a star turn by Stephen 'Rushmore' McCole), makes an ill-timed gag about an old friend which kick starts a chain of disastrous events.

It doesn't feel parochial, looks great and has standout performances across the board. I'm of the opinion, as are many industry folk I've spoken to, that it also has commercial potential.

And if you don't believe me, check the latest set of Standard LIfe Audience Award results. After its first screening, the film sits just shy of Moon in second place. Could we have a local winner on our hands?


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