Reality bites...

It’s that’re trying to answer five emails at once, everyone get a solution to a guest/screenings/lack of jaffa cake issue that has just occurred, and you know the nagging feeling that you have forgotten to do something will haunt you until the end of the festival.

At this point a perfectly timed blast of Survivor's Eye of the Tiger from our Head of Guest Services is the only answer.

Although opening night is still a couple of days away the festival has very much started for us, with film prints coming in thick and fast at the end of last week as well as our first guest, the actor and writer of Van Diemen’s Land Oscar Redding.

The bonus of arriving early is that Hannah has time to sit and chat to him about the dark depths of his film and catch up having first met him at the Adelaide Film Festival where she was sitting on their jury in February.

The only drawback of his arrival is the terrifying reality that the EIFF wheels are most certainly in motion (two similarly terrifying signals include the appearance of the festival boards at the front of Filmhouse and the sound of the delegate pass printer).

And yet, despite the last minute activity, we’re still determined to squeeze in one more film. Over the past week we have been waiting for the BBFC to certificate Lars von Trier’s Antichrist so that we can go ahead and screen it. So it was with great relief and a hurrah! that we heard on Thursday that it has been granted an 18 and in its uncut form - double hurrah!

My main focus now is to work out which Q&As Hannah and the programmers will be doing. Until we figure out how to multiply her, unfortunately Hannah can’t cover every film (as much as she tries to persuade us otherwise) and so enlists her trusty programming team to step in when she can’t.

So now I’m off to wrestle some titles from Hannah – the only time I ever get to say ‘NO you can’t do that’ with a degree of authority.

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Programming Assistant Kirsten began at EIFF on placement as a Submissions Assistant in 2006 and has been hooked ever since! She has also worked at Toronto Int FIlm Festival and Sheffield Doc/Fest.


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  • Monday 15th June, 2009 / 14:24 GMT

    And what was the solution to the lack of jaffa cake issue??? You just kept us hanging with that one...
  • Daniel Pacey Monday 15th June, 2009 / 15:50 GMT

    It had never really occurred to me that a festival screening would require a certificate from the BBFC since they are rarely included at the start of the films, but it's good to hear that the BBFC's tolerant attitude is continuing...