A special event for a special talent

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In among the glitz and glamour of the Festival, there are moments which remind you that EIFF is, above all, about a passion for cinema.

So far, I haven’t really discussed the EIFF engine room - the people who make the Festival happen every year. But there was an example just this week of what makes this crew so special.

Some of you may know that Jack Cardiff - the legendary cinematographer of The African Queen and The Red Shoes among many other great films - passed away in April of this year.

Jack was a great friend of the Festival, and a digitally restored screening of the magnificent The Red Shoes was already scheduled, but there was a feeling that we should do something further to celebrate his life and work.

So began a chain of events – kick-started by our tireless Deputy Artistic Director Diane Henderson – to put on a free public screening of Craig McCall’s fantastic documentary on Cardiff, Painting With Light.

In a packed programme, with limited space, the logistics of this aren't simple. From Box Office to Print Traffic and beyond, everyone kicked into gear to get the screening arranged.

We’re all running on fumes at the moment - excited and exhausted in equal measure - but there wasn’t a single complaint about this extra job in everyone’s busy schedule. My endlessly enthusiastic boss, Kate, responded thus in an email when told about the event: “That sounds a-c-e. Bring it on.”

For us, and this sounds twee, the opportunity to allow you to learn more about this cinematic great is a pleasure. And it won’t cost you a penny.

It’s our tribute to Jack.

The free screening of Painting With Light takes place at midday on 19 June. Jack’s widow and son will be attending the screening of The Red Shoes on 18 June. Please join us for both events.

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