Superfly? You will be.

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While doing some online research on the supercool blaxploitation pastiche Black Dynamite, I've stumbled across this year's must-have movie merchandise.

Movie merchandise is a funny thing. If you're ever in any kind of doubt about this visit your local Forbidden Planet store and peruse the sale section.

With apologies to Star Wars fans, does the world really need a General Grievous lifesize bust?

Or how about a statue of Harry Potter astride a Thestral? Classy, no?

Don't expect to see either of these particular objets d'art on the Antiques Roadshow in the year 2059.

Black Dynamite, showing in the Night Moves strand at EIFF, is a flick worth being excited about  - check out the trailer here - and the accompanying range of t-shirts are superfly, as the man himself might say. You can see the five designs here.

Available from the official website, they're a necessity for the coolest cats on the street (okay, I'll stop the bad jive impersonation). If you want to stand out this summer, then having 'Fight smack in the orphanage' emblazoned across your chest should do the job.

And with a little over six weeks to the Festival, there's still plenty of time to get them shipped from Dynamite's stateside HQ for the UK premiere.

If you've come across a better piece of movie merchandise - or anything worse than Harry resplendent on a Thestral - then let me know below.

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