13:20 Vagabon - Intro by Francois Giraud

15:00 International Animation - Intro and Q&A with Yi-Ching Chen & Damien Hatley

17:00 Black Box Shorts: Communicating Contat - Intro and Q&A with Yulia Kovanova, Adina Camhy & Lars Koens

18:00 In Person: Pollyanna McIntosh, hosted by Siobhan Synnot

18:00 Rapture - Intro by Niall Fulton

18:05 Spotlight on Contemporary Spanish Short Films - Intro and Q&A with Marina Pauné, Elena Pauné, Eva Pauné, Julio Mas-Alcaraz, Iban del Campo, Silvia Rey, Marta Bayarri, Oriol Ruiz

18:05 The Deer - Intro and Q&A with Koldo Almandoz

18:05 Carla's Song - Intro and Q&A with Paul Laverty

18:10 I See You - Intro and Q&A with Adam Randall

18:15 Photography - Intro and Q&A with Ritesh Batra

18:15 Go Back to China - Intro and Q&A with Sophia Shek

18:50 Black Box Shorts: Politics of Place - Intro and Q&A with Yulia Kovanova

20:10 Losers, Werewolves, Murderers - Spanish Web in the Cinema - Intro and Q&A with Regina Mosch, Rose of Dolls, Ana Rumon Rubio

20:25 Samurai Marathon - Intro and Q&A with Bernard Rose

20:55 Darlin' - Intro and Q&A with Pollyanna McIntosh

21:00 Kathmandu Lullaby - Intro by Niall Fulton

21:00 Scheme Birds - Intro by Jemma Glover

21:10 The Sound of Silence - Intro and Q&A with Michael Tyburski

23:00 The Last Circus - Intro by Niall Fulton