13:20 Jacquot de Nantes - Intro by Francois Giraud

18:00 Black Box Shorts: Entangled Experience - Intro and Q&A with Saara Ekström, Matthew Ripplinger & Yulia Kovanova

18:00 I See You - Intro and Q&A with Matt Waldeck

18:05 In Person: Icíar Bollaín in Conversation with Rebecca O'Brien

18:05 Chippa - Intro and Q&A with Safdah Rahman

18:10 Love Beats - Intro and Q&A with Roberto Bueso

18:15 Shorts: Constellations - Intro and Q&A with Ryan Darbonne, Graham Turner, Max Walker-Silverman & Nobu Adilman

18:20 Cages - Intro and Q&A with Nicolás Pacheco

18:25 The Black Forest - Intro and Q&A with Ruth Platt

20:20 Underdown - Intro and Q&A with Sarah Kaskas

20:30 - My Name is Joe - Intro and Q&A with Rebcca O'Brien

20:45 Best Before Death - Special event with Bill Drummond & Tam Dean Burn

20:45 The Skin I Live In - Intro by Niall Fulton

20:55 Before You Know It - Intro and Q&A with Hannah Pearl Utt

23:00 Modest Heroes -Ponoc Short Films Theatre - Intro by Iain Gardner

23:10 Timecrimes - Intro by Niall Fulton