Established in 2007, Trailblazers is the EIFF’s talent showcase - a key element in our promotion of new talent and our service to the UK industry, which was established through a collaboration with Skillset.

Chosen filmmakers were presented with every opportunity to forward their promising careers and diverse modes of working via the Festival’s structures and services. After the Festival, we stay in touch and track their progress – which is how we know about people like Eduard Grau, a 2007 Trailblazer who recently shot Tom Ford’s hit A Single Man after his cinematography showreel was picked up by one of the film’s producers in Edinburgh. Former Trailblazers with new feature films in the programme this year include Nichola Burley, star of SoulBoy; Bryan Larkin, actor in The Red Machine; and Lol Crawley, cinematographer on Donkeys.

We are looking forward to our Trailblazers flourishing and returning with new work in the future!

Neil Peplow, Head of Film at Skillset: "The film industry is notoriously hard to break into and forge a sustainable career within, and one of Skillset’s aims is to make sure that it is the most talented filmmakers, not just the best connected, who rise to the top. So we are delighted to work with EIFF and be a partner on Trailblazers. This is a fantastic initiative that provides some of the most exciting new UK filmmakers with a leg-up, promoting them and their work to industry.

Our industry is driven by talent and discovering the ‘next big thing’. Trailblazers provides a focus point for industry looking for new talent, and the festival delivers a number of events in order to showcase these individuals and facilitate introductions."

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