We are thrilled to announce the selected projects for TALENT LAB CONNECTS 2021.

TLC is a project development programme that seeks to support filmmaking teams in moving their projects forward in productive and effective ways. TLC was established in 2019 as an initiative for EIFF Talent Lab alumni and their collaborators to develop a feature film or serial drama project.

The selected projects and teams for this year’s TALENT LAB CONNECTS are:

  • A MAN AT THE WINDOW - Writer/Director: Lucy Rose, Producer: Maria Caruana Galizia (Talent Lab 2018)
  • BLOOM - Writer: Declan Dineen (TL 2019) Writer/Director: Stefan Georgiou (TL 2019) Producer: Dominique Webb (TL 2019)
  • DAUGHTER OF ADAM – Writer/Director: Fateme Ahmadi (TL 2019) Producers: Jack Tarling, Pietro Greppi
  • EVIE – Writer/Director: Douglas King (TL 2017) Producer: Kate Turner (TL 2017)
  • LAYLA IN DREAMLAND – Writer/Director: Celine Cotran Producer: Oliver Sunley (TL 2019)
  • PRAM SNATCHER – Writer/Director: Theo Krekis Producer: Sorcha Bacon (TL 2018)

The selected teams for 2021 will commence by identifying a series of specific goals for their projects, then, through a programme of workshops; 121 meetings; and advice sessions, EIFF along with Story Editor Kate Leys, and industry mentors will guide them towards achieving these goals.

The programme will run online from April to December 2021.

The aim of TLC is for participants to leave with a strong, clear story outline; wherever possible a first draft screenplay; a pitch; and a clearer idea of where their project sits within the market.

Talent Lab Connect Participants
Talent Lab Connect Participants 2021

If you have any questions, please email industry@edfilmfest.org.uk.

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Launched in 2019, EIFF Talent Lab Connects is funded through the Platforms for Creative Excellence Programme, a partnership between the Scottish Government- through Creative Scotland - the City of Edinburgh Council and the Edinburgh Festivals. Talent Lab Connects is supported by The William Syson Foundation.


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