11:10 Shorts: Exploring Boundaries - Intro & Q&A with Eduardo Lucatero, Christos Kardana, Daniel Dunsmore, Jemma Glover, Bella Ramsey

13:00 The Flip Side - Intro and Q&A with Marion Pilowsky

13:25 Bludgeon - Intro and Q&A with Ryan Heron and Andy Deere

13:30 Venezia - Intro & Q&A with Rodrigo Guerrero, Lorena Quevedo, Paula Lussi

15:00 Robert the Bruce - Intro and Q&A with Richard Gray & Angus MacFadyen

15:15 How to Fake a War - Intro and Q&A with Rudolph Herzog & Ali Cook

15:20 Bait - Intro and Q&A with Mark Jenkin, Simon Shepherd & Mary Woodvine

15:25 The Tobacconist - Intro and Q&A with Nikolaus Leytner

15:35 The Grizzlies - Intro and Q&A with Miranda de Pencier & Anna Lambe

15:45 Loopers: The Caddie's Long Walk - Intro and Q&A with Ward Clayton

17:50 Wedding Belles - Intro and Q&A with Philip John, Sian Hughes, Dean Cavanagh

18:00 Shorts: Radical Archive - Intro and Q&A with Giuseppe Boccassini & Luke Fowler

18:10 Cell 211 - Intro and Q&A with Daniel Monzon

18:15 Justine - Intro and Q&A with Stephanie Turner

18:20 The Mulberry House - Intro from Moh Al-Haifi

18:30 Memory: The Origins of Alien - Intro and Q&A with Annick Mahnert

20:00 Black Box: Home in E Major - Intro and Q&A with Tamar Rachkovsky

20:20 The Amber Light - Intro and Q&A with Adam Park

20:30 The Acid House - Special Intro and Q&A with Stephen McCole

20:30 Strange But True - Intro and Q&A with Rowan Athale

20:50 The Bride - Intro and Q&A with Paula Ortiz

20:55 Gwen - Intro and Q&A with William McGregor & Eleanor Worthington-Cox