They always wear black, they are both bald and they are deep into making life an art.

Their work is known to make a demanding viewing. Zuzanna Bartoszek and Wojciech Bąkowski, a couple of modern Polish artists. 'Heart of love' is dedicated to their artistic output; it includes Bąkowski's music (some perceive it as post-rap and connect it with a Polish duo, Syny) and Bartoszak's thought-provoking exhibitions. Thanks to these charismatic people and their unique work, Łukasz Ronduda's movie has so such a gripping atmosphere which is easy to be engaged by.

The relationship between them is both strong and toxic; they accuse each other of stealing ideas but they can't live separately. They look and behave identically - it is often emphasized visually when they are sitting together. A cinematographer Łukasz Gutt's way of filming seems to be another character in this movie; the picture is divided into parts, based on the dominant colour in the frame, to signal changes in the live of the main characters.

Despite Robert Bolesto ('The Lure', 'The Last Family') writing the script, the artists themselves are the authors of dialogue lines. That's why 'Heart of love' can be considered just another form of artistic expression - a semi-fake love story. At the end Poniedziałek as Bąkowski kept saying he was over his past loves, but it's like a performance in another performance. You don't know what the truth is and where falls the thin line between art and love – perhaps it doesn't exist at all.

Joanna Krygier is 20 and studying Film and New Media at Jagiellonian University in Kraków.

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