"A Heart of Love". What do these words mean for two bizarre artists living in the capital of Poland?

One of them creates her own persona and acts like a nimble kitten wandering around the party nooks of Warsaw. The other one is a patient owner who allows the kitten to walk through her own paths. Their heart of love unites them and doesn’t allow separation even when they can’t live in symbiosis. The heart is trying to beat and keep them alive. They just have to make it beat without any disturbance.

Łukasz Ronduda decided to present the real life of the two young Polish artists. Zuzanna Bartoszek and Wojciech Bąkowski live in a peculiar relantionship full of powerful emotions. They try to collaborate, but at the same time they are infinitely jealous of each other’s work. Sometimes they can’t even use each other’s dreams. When Wojciech decided to use one of Zuzanna’s dreamy visions, she got intensely angry and started shouting at him that he can’t rob her.

But their life is just like a dream. Zuzanna and Wojciech look almost the same: they are hairless people from the future; their skin is only a white coating for their inseparable alien bodies. The essence of their relationship is that any movement of these flexible bodies can trigger a fuss or be a potential part of the future performance. Once connected, the bodies will be the source of an infinite performance of love.

Ronduda created a film that is sophisticated in its simplicity. Glittering shopping malls and noisy clubs have become the backgroud for the intriguing, engaging love story. The even-tempered script was created by Robert Bolesto (one of the most ingenious Polish writers known for "The Last Family"), but Bartoszek and Bąkowski participated in writing. Actors (Justyna Wasilewska and Jacek Poniedziałek) only had to recreate the roles designed by the performers. Can viewers believe in this story of love, or is it just another form of artistic expression? I can only ensure that this extraordinary story is certainly worth seeing.

Adrianna Smyk is 21 and studies Liberal Arts at The University of Warsaw.


A Heart of Love