The Purpose of Connection 


Saturday 21 August • 14:20

In this special event we explore the purpose and power of connection and how broadening our understanding of the natural world, and how other species communicate, can lead us to a greater understanding of human connection.

Panellists will include Dr. Ellen Garland, Royal Society University Research Fellow at the University of St. Andrews alongside experts in the fields of Communication, Conservation and Animal Culture.

This in-person event will follow the film screening of Fathom and will be included as part of your film ticket. 

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Daughters of East Africa


Available online from Monday 23rd August 

Join us online, where we bring together some of East Africa’s most exciting female filmmaking talent. This online event is supported by an online showcase of our speakers’ work on the Filmhouse at Home platform. Hosted by Liz Chege, Festival Director of Africa in Motion, we will look at how African women are telling their stories to offer radically different images of themselves and their coming of age experiences.

Speakers include: Marie Clementine Dusabejambo (A Place for Myself), Wanjeri Gakuru (Nielimishe) and Judy Kibinge (Coming of Age).

This event is part of Film Feels Hopeful, a UK-wide cinema season, supported by the National Lottery and BFI Film Audience Network.

This is an online event. There are three accompanying online short films, with the event and films sold as one ticket bundle. Pre-book a ticket for the online short films and event.

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The Whole Picture: Adjusting the Lens of History 


Friday 20 August • 17:45 / Available online from Friday 20 August  

This special event will consider the history and vital importance of documenting crucial (and often deliberately omitted) events, groups and periods from our collective past. It will seek to explore how we document and archive as a culture nowadays, especially in this time of ever-growing digital material and content.

Guiding this conversation will be Siobhan Fahey, Archive Producer of Rebel Dykes and panellists will include award-winning playwright Hannah Lavery (Lament for Sheku Bayoh). Rebel Dykes is screening as part of EIFF 2021, both in person and online. Visit to buy a ticket for the film.

A pre-recorded discussion will be shown after the film screening of Rebel Dykes on Friday 20 August at 17:45 - it will be part of your ticket.The pre-recorded discussion will also be available as part of your online ticket, which you can purchase and watch on

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Hong Kong & The Fight for 21st Century Democracy


Monday 23 August • 20:30 / Available online from Monday 23 August


Hong Kong has, since the 19th century, been a place apart within East Asia. Over 150 years of British governance gave way to China’s ‘one country, two systems’ administration in July 1997. China’s rise to global economic superpower has reshaped 21st century international relations, increasingly reframing Hong Kong as the frontline of a battle between different governmental and economic systems that has potentially global consequences.

Dr Catherine Jones (University of St Andrews) chairs this timely discussion about the future of Hong Kong democracy with a panel of experts including: Baroness Helena Kennedy, Dr Victor Fan (King’s College London), Jennifer Ngo (Director, Faceless) and Evan Fowler (co-founder Hong Kong Free Press).

This pre-recorded discussion will be shown after the film screening of Faceless on Monday 23 August at 20:30 – this is included with your ticket. The pre-recorded discussion will also be available as part of your online ticket, purchased and watched on

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