Centred on a complete retrospective of the brilliant Icíar Bollaín’s directorial work, this eclectic celebration of modern Spanish cinema boasts a dazzling selection of recent Spanish award-winners and film festival favourites and a thrilling late-night strand showcasing some of the finest cult cinema Spain has ever produced. To complement these screenings, there will be a special live performance of the timeless Miles Davis album Sketches of Spain, courtesy of world-famous saxophonist Tommy Smith and the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra, featuring trumpeter Laura Jurd.

As Europe undergoes dramatic changes, this programme is also designed to highlight the cultural importance of film festivals the world over. As political boundaries are drawn and redrawn around the globe, the line of international artistic communication provided by the film festival circuit becomes more important than ever. In that sense, this retrospective programme provides us with a valuable opportunity to explore important questions of national and international identity, and to address vital ongoing industry discussions from a different perspective.

EIFF Senior Programmer Niall Greig Fulton


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