Script Starter will support 8 writers who are either new to screenwriting, or who haven’t received previous funding for a film and who already have an idea for a story that they would like to work on. The selected participants will be supported in the development of their ideas into either a short film script or a feature film treatment.

The programme will encourage those with a clear talent for writing - in any genre - to turn their hand to writing for film or to come to a more defined and nuanced appreciation of story structure and industry standards.  

Script Starter will also further a clearer understanding of the writers’ own creative voice and participants will finish the programme with a clear idea of the story that they want to tell and the options available to them, enabling them to move forward in the industry.  

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Script Starter is funded through the PLACE Programme, a partnership between the Scottish Government - through Creative Scotland - the City of Edinburgh Council and the Edinburgh Festivals.


Scottish Government and Creative Scotland