13:00 Phenomenal Shorts: Syrian Stories, Female Voices - Intro by Isabel Moura

13:10 The McLaren Award: New British Animation 2  - Intro and Q&A with Amy Morris, Marta Lemos, Josephine Lohoar Self, Reetta Tihinen, Steve Boot, Will Anderson, Matthew Lee, Sally Hughson, Siobhán Smith, Bunny Schendler, Lauren Orme

13:15 End of Sentence - Intro and Q&A with Elfar Adalsteins, John Hawke & Michael Armbruster

13:25 Hamada - Intro and Q&A from Eloy Dominguez Seren

13:30 Good Omens (Episodes 1-6) - Intro and Q&A with Douglas Mackinnon and David Arnold

15:00 The Vast of Night - Intro and Q&A with Andrew Patterson

15:10 The McLaren Award: New British Animation 3 - Intro and Q&A with Dane Winn, Tom Box, Samantha Moore, Maryam Mohajer, Fokion Xenos, Jonny Eveson, Lindsey Williams, Zoë Hutber, Michael Worthington, Owen Rixon

15:10 Masters of Love - Intro and Q&A with Matt Roberts, Ciaran Dowd, Owen Roberts, Sarah Ovens

15:30 EIFF Youth Shorts: New Visions - Intro and Q7A with BSL Interpretation with David Allan, Dan Dickson, Blair Letham, Ryan Ford, Lucie Trémolières, Laura Carreira (Man Asleep), Iona Ramsay, Georgia Middleton, David Blomquist

15:30 The Black Forest - Intro and Q&A with Ruth Platt

15:40 Voclano - Intro and Q&A with Darya Averchenko & Roman Bondarchuk

15:50 The Hidden City - Intro and Q&A with Victor Moreno

17:30 A Girl from Mogadishu - Intro and Q&A with Mary McGuckian and Ifrah Ahmed

18:00 Reclaiming the Frame with Bird's Eye View - Event led by Mia Bays and Kate Muir, with invited guests tbc

18:00 The Olive Tree - Intro by Niall Fulton

18:10 Schemers - Intro and Q&A with David McLean

18:10 Undertow - Intro and Q&A with Lyn Norfor

18:30 Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love - Intro and Q&A with Nick Broomfield and Kyle Gibbon

20:00 Home in E Major - Q&A with Tamar Rachkovsky

20:20 The Mystery of Henri Pick - Intro and Q&A with Rémi Bezançon

20:20 Her Job - Intro and Q&A with Nikos Labôt

20:30 Carmilla - Intro and Q&A with Emily Harris, Elizabeth Brown, Emily Precious, Hannah Rae, Devrim Lingnau

20:35 Marshland - Intro by Niall Fulton

20:45 The Best of Dorien B. - Intro and Q&A with Anke Blondé

20:55 Alice - Intro and Q&A with Josephine Mackerras, Emilie Piponnier & Martin Swabey