This 2-day event is dedicated to a more creative approach to distribution featuring new developments in the distribution landscape like cinema-on-demand and event cinema and with an emphasis on VOD platforms, digital and direct distribution.

The aim is to establish a forum and marketplace for new trends outside of the buzz of major film markets, and to provide an opportunity for filmmakers and the film industry to get an overview of possible pathways to the players in a fast changing market place.

DISTRIBUTION REWIRED provides attendees with direct access to key representatives from a variety of companies informing them on diverse distribution methods including self-distribution, direct distribution and mixed models which combine conventional sales and distribution with direct distribution with the aim of forging future collaborations.

Attendees can take part in a number of discussions, talks, presentations, one-to-one meetings and networking events to help clarify the opportunities and possibilities available for filmmakers and will look at the change in approaches to marketing when distributing through digital avenues. 

Past guests included representatives from a variety of local and global VOD platforms (Vimeo, Mubi, Filmin, We Are Colony, BFI Player and Curzon Home Cinema) as well as Our Screen, More2Screen, IFFR, Sheffield Doc/Fest, PR companies (PorterFirth, Multitude), Marketing and distribution consultancies (WeAreTonic, IHeartCinema, Together Films, Under The Milky Way, Multitude Media) and independent cinema bookers (Miracle Communications).  

We had a variety of events for industry and DR passholders at this year's Festival. On Monday 24 June we looked at how distribution has changed over the past 5 years and what the future holds at 5 Years On - Where Are We Now?. On that day we also explored new/emerging distribution models with different distribution experts at 8 DR Roundtables. Tuesday 25 June saw the industry screening of Rehana Rose's Dead Good (2018), followed by a DR case study of the documentary, and finally in partnership with Film Hub Scotland at Broken Windows? we had a panel discussion on the pros and cons of keeping release windows.



DISTRIBUTION REWIRED Marketplace 2019 - Selected Projects

Alongside the main body of DR events, which are available to all EIFF passholders, there is an invite-only DR Marketplace every year where selected participants receive advice on their projects directly from our expert guests. See below for a full list of this year’s selected projects:


Genre:    Drama, Romance

Writer / Director: Marilyn Edmond

Producer(s): Marilyn Edmond, Jamey Claffey    


Spit It Out

Genre:    Documentary

Director(s): Lea Luiz De Oliveira

Producer(s): Naomi Spiro


Death of a Vlogger

Genre:    Horror, Mystery, Mockumentary

Writer / Director / Producer: Graham Hughes


Neither Hero No Traitor

Genre:    Drama

Director(s): Nicolás Savignone

Producer(s): Ariana Spenza, Nicolás Savignone

Writer(s): Nicolás Savignone, Pio Longo, Francisco Grassi


Love Type D

Genre:    Comedy

Writer / Director(s): Sasha Collington    

Producer(s): Jessica Benhamou



Genre:    Drama

Writer / Director(s):  Rodrigo Guerrero

Producer(s):  Lorena Quevedo    


Vigil In August

Genre:    Drama

Writer / Director(s): Luis Maria Mercado

Producer(s): Lorena Quevedo


We Die

Genre:    Documentary

Writer / Director(s): Rebeca Sánchez López

Producer(s): F abiola de la Rosa, Sergy Moreno, Rebeca Sánchez López


Women Behind the Wheel: Unheard Voices On The Pamir Highway

Genre:   Documentary

Director/Producers: Catherine Haigh and Hannah Congdon


Second Spring

Genre:    Drama

Director(s): Andy Kelleher

Producer(s): Amiram Bukowski    

Writer(s): Martin Herron


Please send any questions you may have to industry@edfilmfest.org.uk 

Distribution Rewired is supported by the Scottish Government's Festivals EXPO Fund and by Creative Scotland.        

Scottish Government and Creative Scotland
EIFF 2019 - Distribution Rewired Marketplace
EIFF 2019 - Distribution Rewired Marketplace