Our achievements to date
  • We recycle as much material as possible at Filmhouse and have reduced waste going to landfill year on year, with guidance from Changeworks Edinburgh. We encourage our partner venues to do the same. 

  • EIFF 2021 was made possible by fully digital film delivery – this meant no freight was associated with the creative programme. Almost 100 films, all sent down the wire. This was an ambition within our Carbon Management Plan. 

  • EIFF offices have hugely reduced the amount of paper usage associated with the festival. Although made easier by homeworking the intention is to carry this forward.  

  • EIFF also entirely eliminated staff travel throughout the duration of the pandemic. Although we accept that some staff travel is inevitable as the world returns to normal, we’re now in a position to replace large amounts with digital meeting and participation methods. 

  • Filmhouse energy supplies are as green as can be. Both gas and electricity accounts are on a green tariff, although the intention is to move away from REGO certificated suppliers into fully renewable energy within the next year.  

  • CMI, EIFFs parent organisation, underwent a large-scale strategic review through the coronavirus pandemic. Environmental Sustainability was a central pillar of this process. 

  • EIFFs home venue, Filmhouse, has eliminated the use of plastic bottles within its Café Bar, recognizing the difficulties of global plastic pollution.  

  • We also use compostable coffee cups, lids and biodegradable plastic pint and half-pint glasses at Filmhouse.  

  • Lastly, Filmhouse has begun the conversion of the remaining lights within the venue to LED. This should hugely reduce the overall energy usage associated with the venue, when the plan is complete.