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Close Ties (Więzi)

Zofia Kowalewska

  • 18 mins

  • 2016

  • Poland

  • Polish

  • Director of Photography: Weronika Bilska

  • Editor: Jerzy Zawadzki

  • Produced by: Ewa Jastrzebska

  • Music: Krzysztof Ridan, Barbara Torhan

  • Screenplay by: Zofia Kowalewska

  • Sound Production: Krzysztof Ridan

Director Bio

Zofia Kowalewska

Director Bio

Kowalewska (b. 1995 Poland) is currently a Film Directing student at Lodz Film School and a participant of the documentary course at Wajda School. She started to work on "Close Ties" in her last year of secondary school. Her other works include short films including “My luv” (2015), “Mikki” (2015) and “Don’t call me mom” (2016).


Forty five years of marriage is an impressive anniversary. Barbara and Zdzisław could be proud of themselves if not for the fact that the husband left the wife for his lover eight years ago. But now they are together again, although Barbara claims that if it were not for his infirm legs, Zdzisław would still be chasing skirts around Kraków. Despite the past resentment, everyday problems with paying bills, an occupied bathroom and rearranging furniture, they have a hard to define bond.

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