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19–30 JUNE 2019
  • Director

    Arthur de Pins, Alexis Ducord

  • Starring

    Emmanuel Curtil, Alain Choquet, Kelly Marot, Alexis Tomassian

  • Run Time

    80 mins

  • Release Year


  • Country of Origin


  • Certificate


  • Language


  • Editor: Benjamin Massoubre

  • Produced by: Léon Pérahia

  • Music: Eric Neveux, Mathieu Monnaert

  • Screenplay by: Arthur de Pins, Alexis Ducord

  • Production Designer: Arthur de Pins

  • Sound Production: Yann Lacan



Part of the Film Fest Junior Strand


This amusing and macabre French animation works both as children’s animation and quasi-political message about the rights of workers. Hector, a new employee at theme park Zombillenium (visited by the living but staffed by the undead) finds friendship with a skeletal union rep and a skateboarding emo witch Gretchen. When the vampire staff want to take over (there are plenty of jokes at the expense of Twilight and its ilk), the other monstrous staff must fight back.

Press & Industry Screening

Showing on 28 Jun @ 11:20


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