Understanding Cinema

Watching, Making and Understanding Film

Understanding Cinema is a moving image education project based on the long running international film education scheme Cinema, cent ans de jeunesse - created by Cinematheque Francaise in Paris.

The programme will be taking place again in 2015/16 and involves children aged eight to eighteen years working with a local filmmaker and their teacher to reflect on and produce films around a specific theme.

Understanding Cinema aims to help pupils

- gain a better understanding of European/world cinema heritage.
- enhance their aesthetic appreciation of film.
- develop confidence whilst working on a group project.
- stimulate their creativity.

Previously, in 2013/14, the theme was ‘The Long Take’. The programme consisted of practical and theoretical activities delivered over 14 weeks, from November 2013 – May 2014. Pupils engaged with the practical side of filmmaking (scripting, shooting, editing etc.) but also reflected on already-existing films as well as their own.

In 2012/13 the Understanding Cinema pilot project worked with schools in Edinburgh and Dundee, with the subject ‘mise en scene’. With the support of Creative Scotland’s Creative Futures fund we were able to expand this in 2013/14 to 400 pupils in eight Local Authorities, working with 26 teachers and youth workers and employing nine filmmakers. Three of our schools produced films in Gaelic, which were shown alongside the other films at EIFF. This is entirely in keeping with the ethos of Cinema, cent ans de jeunesse which now takes place in 11 countries.

Our thanks to all of the schools and youth groups who participated in Understanding Cinema 2013/14; Edinburgh (Broughton HS, South Morningside PS, SKAMM), East Lothian (Law PS, St Gabriel’s PS, Whitecraigs PS), Glasgow (St Mungo’s Academy, Castlemilk HS, St Margaret Mary’s Secondary,Glendale PS), Dundee (Blackness PS, Clepington SP, Rowantree PS, Harris Academy, St John’s HS, St Paul’s Academy), Inverness (Craighill PS, Mosstodloch PS), Aberdeen (Holy Family PS, Belmont Cinema), Isle of Lewis (Pairc PS, Nicholson Institute, An Lanntair), Argyle & Bute (Salen PS)

All of the films produced through Understanding Cinema 2013/14 can be viewed here.

For further info you can take a look at the project blog HERE or at the Cinematheque Francaise blog HERE or follow our filmmakers journey HERE at Creative Futures.

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