Your trip to Edinburgh's Drive In Movies is on the horizon - get ready for your visit!

Edinburgh International Film Festival & Unique Events look forward to welcoming you to Drive-In Movies at Edinburgh Airport this weekend. Before you set off, here is everything you need to know about your event experience. Please take a few minutes to read this carefully!

For updates on the day, please check the EIFF social channels on Twitter. If you have any questions we haven't answered, please visit our website or email us at

If you've specified accessibility requirements for your event we should already have been in touch with you via email to confirm your request. If you'd like to amend your accessibility requirements, please contact

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  • YOU NEED TO BRING YOUR TICKET - On arrival we will check your ticket – either using a printed version or you can show this on your phone. We recommend having a screen shot on your phone in case you experience any connection issues.
  • YOUR VEHICLE WILL REQUIRE A WORKING FM RADIO or bring a portable FM radio so that you can hear the movie and pre-screening entertainment. On arrival, tune-in to 87.9FM
  • BRING A FACE MASK/COVERING AND HAND SANITISER - Hand sanitising stations will be on-site, but we’d recommend also bringing your own. Always wear a face mask/covering when leaving your vehicle.
  • WEAR WHATEVER MAKES YOU COMFY! You’ll be dry and warm in your car, but in case the temperature dips, we recommend bringing along whatever makes you comfortable. Some extra warm layers, blankets, pillows and even a hot water bottle (pre-filled) are all great ideas! 
  • SPEEDQUIZZING LIVE APP – To take part in the interactive quiz before the movie begins, download the Speedquizzing Live App for your Apple or Android smart-phone devices. A pass code to enter the quiz will be shown on screen at the event. 
  • EVENT GUIDE & PARKING LOCATION NUMBER - On arrival you will receive an Event Pack with a parking location number to put in your windscreen and an Event Guide with full event info, safety information and food menus with instructions on how to order.
  • COLD TOWN BEER CAR DELIVERY SERVICE –  You can have delicious hot food and drinks delivered to your car. Scan the QR Code in your Event Guide on arrival or visit to place your order online whilst at the event. 
  • FISH & CHIPS & CINEMA TREATS FROM ALANDAS – You can order direct at any of the food units on-site for fast service.
  • PAYMENT CARD - Contactless payments and car delivery are available at catering outlets for all your cinema treats. 


  • No Dogs Allowed - Only Assistance and Therapy/Comfort Dogs are permitted. 
  • Alcohol – A Cold Town Beer bar facility is available with car delivery service.



In-line with Government guidance, Edinburgh's Drive In Movies at Edinburgh Airport has safety measures in place at the event to keep you and others safe. Here's what to expect on arrival:

  1. ARRIVAL - Please have your ticket ready. We will scan this at a safe distance - the Events Team will be wearing PPE - and hand you an event guide, which includes safety information, your FM Frequency, Parking Bay Number and food menus. 
  2. PARKING - Our Traffic Marshals will direct you into position. Please note: All vehicles will be parked in line with Government guidance for your safety and viewing comfort. No vehicles will be parked directly beside or in-front of you. FOR YOUR SAFETY remember there are moving vehicles around. If you wish to leave your vehicle always walk in front of your vehicle not behind. 
  3. INFORMATION - you will receive an Event Pack with a parking location number and Event Guide. If you require assistance out on your hazard lights and an event marshal will make their way to you.
  4. HYGIENE - There will be plenty of hand sanitiser stations located within the catering area and temporary toilets. Our Clean Team will provide regular cleaning of all facilities including toilets and catering units.   
  5. KEEPING YOUR DISTANCE - Please help us keep everyone safe by keeping a 2-metre distance from other guests and staff working on site. There will be signage to help guide you.
  6. FOOD ORDERING - Contactless payments are available. Please wear a face mask/ covering when leaving your vehicles. 
    • Cold Town Beer orders will be delivered direct to your car using the Cold Town Beer ordering App. (Read on for further instructions.)
    • Alandas Fish & Chips and Gelato Unit will operate a safe queuing system to order at the counter. 
  7. To keep everyone safe, we ask that you: 
    • Stay in your car unless using the toilet or catering facilities. 
    • Follow social distancing at all times when out of the car.
    • If visiting toilets or food units, always walk in front of your vehicle – there may be moving vehicles behind you.
    • Please wear a face mask/ covering when using toilet or food facilities.  
    • Wash/ sanitise your hands frequently using the stations provided (or bring your own). 


  • You or anyone from your household is displaying symptoms of COVID-19. Please check the Scottish Government website for advice and full list of symptoms.
  • You or anyone from your household has been told to self-isolate or are required to quarantine following international travel.
  • You have recently been in contact with anyone from outside of your household who has displayed symptoms or is self-isolating.



In order to make your arrival as seamless as possible and to ease any congestion accessing the event, you have been allocated an Arrival Time on your event ticket which you should arrive at promptly. Don’t worry if you’re a little bit early. This gives you more time to get parked, buy some cinema treats and enjoy the pre-screening entertainment. 

LATE-COMERS: If you arrive later than your allocated arrival time, please note you must check-in at least 25 minutes before your screening start time (e.g. 5.35pm for a 6.00pm start.) If you arrive after this time you may miss the mandatory safety briefing and will not be allowed to enter the event. Please note no refunds will be given for late comers or those refused entry.

Read to the bottom of this email to see arrival times for all screenings.



Each screening has its own age rating, ranging from Cert U (Universal) to Cert 18. Please check that the screening you are booking is suitable for all guests before you book. For further details on the UK age classifications visit the BBFC website.



For the best Drive-In Movie experience, we recommend a maximum of three adults or two adults with two kids. You'll be parked facing the movie and watching through your windscreen. You must watch from inside your vehicle. Due to Government safety guidance, attendance is limited to one extended household per vehicle (2 households are currently allowed to form an extended household group.)



Although you are attending the event in your vehicle, this is an outdoor event - be prepared for temperature changes, especially at night. Please dress in weather appropriate clothing and feel free to bring blankets, duvets and hot water bottles to stay warm and comfortable. (PLEASE NOTE: We do not supply hot water for this purpose.) If it is raining, use the windscreen wipers to clear the view. To prevent a flat battery, avoid using interior lights, heating or air-conditioning for the duration of the screening.  



If you've purchased tickets for back-to-back screenings, you'll need to bring all tickets with you. On arrival, please let the stewards know and show them your ticket for the next film as well. Between films, a steward will guide your car forward to the front of the car park or ask you to re-join the queue to enter. 



We are excited to be partnering with Edinburgh Live on the event, as well Cold Town Beer as our Official Beer Partner. Cold Town Beer will be offering food and drink alongside Alandas, who are providing an Ice Cream Parlour, Fish & Chips and their local Seafood. 

Heineken are providing FREE Heineken Zero non-alcoholic beer to all Designated Drivers attending films of Cert 15+ which will be delivered to your car on arrival.

Socially distanced queues will be in place at our Food Stalls – please look out for markers on the ground and adhere to social distancing!



Delicious food & drink from Edinburgh's award-winning Cold Town Beer, delivered direct to your car! Simply download the App using the QR Code on your Event Guide and use your Car Location Number to order!


  1. Scan the QR Code in your Event Guide on arrival or visit to place your order online whilst at the event. 
  2. Select your order and select Go To Checkout. Click 'Enter Postcode' and enter your billing address. Then select Scranavan.
  3. Select 'Checkout as Guest' or sign up for an account, which allows for easy reordering. Enter your payment details.
  4. In the 'Select Table' section, select your Vehicle Location Number (e.g. A37, B12, C26 etc.). In 'Any Additional Information', add any order details as well as your registration plate and the make of your car.
  5. Your order will be delivered directly to your car, as soon as possible!



Let us introduce you to a new Fish and Chip experience, where the seafood is caught fresh everyday from local Scottish waters. Take your Car Location Number to the counter when ordering and the food can be delivered direct to your vehicle!



Visit the Alandas Ice Cream Parlour for cinema snacks including Popcorn and Candyfloss, along with their multi award-winning gelatos and sorbets. Freshly made daily in their North Berwick Gelateria, they use the very best local milk and cream. 


Location Map of Edinburgh's Drive In Movies, with labels including the location of the toilets, food stand, direction signage and the location of the screen


Just 5 minutes from the M9, one of Scotland’s main motorways, Edinburgh Airport is very accessible from all areas of the country. When travelling from Edinburgh, head along the A8 towards Glasgow. If you're travelling from the opposite side, follow the A8 towards Edinburgh. Edinburgh Airport is clearly signposted from the A8. 

Edinburgh Airport, Plane Parking, Eastfield Avenue, Edinburgh, EH12 9DN.

  • Follow the signs for Edinburgh Airport. 
  • Turn right at the roundabout by the Double Tree Hilton Hotel, following the event signage to the ‘Plane Parking’ area.
  • Go over the tram crossing and then turn right at the roundabout.
  • Follow Eastfield Avenue for approximately 250 yards. The entry to the 'Plane Parking' event arena is on your right.
  • There is also Event Signage along the route. 

When you arrive, simply enter the event arena and follow directional signage to the ‘Check-In’ area and our Traffic Marshals will then position your vehicle for the event. 
Our Traffic Marshals will give you instructions upon arrival, when parking and leaving the event. Please be patient and note the traffic restrictions and systems in place - we’ll have you in position or on your way as soon as possible.



Thursday 29th October
Ghostbusters - Captioned Screening - Arrivals from 5.15pm, Movie Starts 6.30pm

Rocky Horror Picture Show - Captioned Screening - Arrivals from 9pm, Movie Starts 10pm

Friday 30th October

The Lost Boys - Captioned Screening - Arrivals from 5.15pm, Movie Starts 6.30pm

Donnie Darko - NOT CAPTIONED - Arrivals from 9pm, Movie Starts 10.00pm

Saturday 31st October

Coco - Captioned - Arrivals from 9.30am, Movie Starts 10.30am

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial - Captioned Screening - Arrivals from 12.45pm, Movie Starts 2.00pm

Jaws - Captioned Screening - Arrivals from 4.45pm, Movie Starts 6.00pm

Halloween - NOT CAPTIONED - Arrivals from 9.00pm, Movie Starts 10.00pm

Sunday 1st November

Hocus Pocus - Captioned Screening - Arrivals from 9.30am, Movie Starts 10.30am

Labyrinth - Captioned Screening - Arrivals from 1.00pm, Movie Starts 2.00pm

Jurassic Park - Captioned Screening - Arrivals from 4.15pm, Movie Starts 5.30pm

Scream - NOT CAPTIONED - Arrivals from 8.30pm, Movie Starts 9.30pm