People the world over know EIFF 17 is in full swing, but you might have heard there’s also a parochial affair called ‘Glastonbury’ (or something like that) going on in a field in Somerset this weekend? So, in honour of that, I’ve compiled a TOP 5 of EIFF 17 films that share their name with a song.

Teenage Superstars

Teenage Superstars struck me as a title that surely must be a song, Google furnished me with the facts and right enough I came across the Euro-tastic  tune by Dutch pop-rock singer Kin-Lian. I urge you to have a listen at your own risk!

Modern Life is Rubbish

OK, Modern Life is Rubbish is actually the name of Blur’s 2nd album and not strictly a song but it seemed like too obvious a choice not to include. Vaguely remember seeing a video for Sunday Sunday on the Chart Show on a Saturday morning when I was a kid.


Yeah, I know, they’re a band. But a Scottish one, plus my parents were enthusiastic fans of Fishermen Blues which they play to this day. They’re still going strong, performing in Norway tonight if you’re interested.

The Groove is Not Trivial

This is quickly turning into a Top 5 of films with a musical slant…
Scottish fiddle music isn’t something I know a great deal about, but I have a few friends who play – one who used to coin it in busking on the streets of Dundee at weekends when we were at art school.

Raiders of the lost Ark presented by EIFF and RSNO

I was always more of a fan of The Temple of Doom but John Williams score, accompanying a screening of the film at The Usher Hall last night, has proved to be one of the hottest tickets of EIFF 2017.