Siobhan Synnot hosted our In Person event with Pollyanna McIntosh, which took place on Wed 26 June at Filmhouse. 

1. If the work doesn't make you a little bit nervous, it's lost its sparkle - on working on Filth

2. I'm not against a bit of sex at the cinema - on scenes in Filth

3. There was always storytelling in it for me - on working in fashion

4. When you watch cinema, you're having the experience of connection...for me it's about telling stories and characters to make the world feel less alone

5. You've got to do a Taggart, even if it's in your bedroom - on acting in Scotland

6. She's a bit muddy... She does eat people, which I think is in the debit column - Siobhan on The Woman

7. We wanted to take the costume a bit further... she would have found things in the wood from the people she'd eaten [incorporated in The Woman's costume] - Pollyanna 

If she'd come across a Brownie Guide or a sausage sizzler, would she incorporate that? - Siobhan 

8. I do like to take care of the characters, and the ways women are represented in film - on The Woman and Darlin'

9. There's a lot of sexism in the world, and in the genre... That 'scream queen' idea, or 'final girl'... those things need to be cleaned up out of the genre - on horror films

10. Sometimes, directors are too afraid of actors having too much knowlege

11. You need more women in charge so it doesn't panic everybody - on gender balance in the film industry

12. There's a snobbery about horror, and a snobbery about Zombies - on awards season and The Walking Dead

13. I would love to play Maggie the cat in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, or Dracula

14. "So long as we're keeping it tense" - Don't add to someone else's tension. Act as you would if there is no tension - on advice from Jonathan Watson

15. Jadis and the Dumps - sounds like a band - Siobhan on Pollyanna's The Walking Dead character