Our most quotable lines from Young Programmer Chloe Ainsley's interview with Boyz In The Wood director, Ninian Doff, which took place on Thu 20 Jun at EIFF Youth Hub.

1. They don't invite me back for speeches. - on introducing his film Boyz in the Wood at our 2019 Opening Gala

2. The first music videos I ever made had a budget of around £3.50 - that I spent on bread and crisps

3. I took a lot of bread and threw it at crows - on one of his first music videos

4. What we all need to do now is turn around and chase the bad guys - on Boyz in the Wood

5. It dawns on you that you've written four teenage roles that are 90% of the film - on Boyz in the Wood

6. They gave it their all, they always had fun - on the cast of Boyz in the Wood

7. The best way you'll ever learn about being a director is making mistakes  

8. His DJ name was phallic based and rude for many drafts - on DJ Beatroot (Viraj Juneja) in Boyz in the Wood



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Ninian Doff In Person