Our top moments when Siobhan Synnot interviewed Jack Lowden on Fri 21 Jun at 6pm at Filmhouse.

1. It's not a romantic story in any way - on his journey in acting

2. The luckiest thing is to realise what you can do

3. I was obsessed with David Jason in Only Fools and Horses

4. I think at one point my mum was a private detective

5. It sounds like there's a film in your mother - Siobhan; I'd want to play her though! - Jack

6. Me and my brother had an obsession with The Mighty Duck films

7. The WAW in Norwich was one of the best nights of my life - Jack on preparing for Fighting With My Family

8. The idea of there being an entire movie crew in Dalkeith just seemed bizarre! - Jack on filming for Tommy's Honour

9. Just smile from the nose up - on having a moustache for Tommy's Honour

10. That's boring if all you are is strong - characters have to have flaws 

11. Directing actors is so simple, it's about keeping confidence

12. I've wanted to play James Wood's character in Casino

13. The best backdrop in the world - on the screen industry in Scotland

14. You'd time a beat drop with the corner - that's when you know you're an actor - on running to The Smiths when preparing to play Morrissey in England is Mine

15. I'm big into Love Island at the moment 

16. Lewis Capaldi could do the next Bond theme - Jack, The singing Bond! - Siobhan 

In Person Jack Lowden