We are proud to announce our successful applicants for this years EIFF Young Critics Programme! 

A headshot of Kit.

Kit Bithell

A recent Film Graduate from the University of Westminster, Kit’s writing explores films about intimacy, identity and relationships, and they have a particular affection for surreal or experimental pieces. Kit specialises in queer cinema and gendered gaze in their academic work, focusing on lesbian and trans experiences. 


A picture of Wessley

Wessley Edmonds 

I am a student at the University of Edinburgh, currently studying Social Anthropology with Development. My passion for film, culture, and critical race theory forms the foundation for my aspiration to become a cinematic ethnographer. I hope to decolonise spaces within film and anthropology, and create new spaces for identifying women of color. 


A headshot of Lara.

Lara Callaghan

Lara Callaghan is a film researcher, writer and video essayist from the West Midlands. With a background in history, she enjoys analysing film through a historical lens and exploring how history influences film and its audience. She is particularly interested in postmodernist films, ensemble murder mysteries and anything that James Cagney touches. 


A head shot of Lucy.

Lucy McCabe

Lucy McCabe is an aspiring film critic and screenwriter from Dublin. Following a lifelong love of cinema from French and Italian studies to a masters in film, she is passionate about writing lucid, engaging criticism which celebrates emerging filmmakers. She also translates poetry, plays a repertoire of film music on the piano and hopes to attend many film festivals this year.


A headshot of Fran.

Fran Bowden

Fran Bowden is a Film and English Literature student at the University of Manchester who aspires to a critical practice with an equality of emphasis on all four terms: autistic, trans, queer and critic. More than just about anything else, she loves old films of any and all genres – but especially horror!


A headshot of Rachel.

Rachel Jones

Rachel Jones is a current third-year history of art student at the University of Cambridge. With a passion for literature, film, and technology, she taught herself to code with programming languages.