We are proud to announce our successful applicants for this years EIFF Young Critics Programme! 

A young person with long black hair wearing a purple dress

Hannah Eglinton

Hannah Eglinton is a Film and Television/English Literature student at the University of Glasgow. She also takes part in Glasgow University Student Television and acted as a News Producer for a semester. She loves films more than anything, (especially horror!) and she is incredibly excited to take part in the Young Critics Programme!


A young person with mid length blonde hair wearing a pink jumper

Beatrice Jane Copland

Twitter:  @Shakesqueer3; Facebook:  @misqueerio; IG:  @misqueerio

Blog: https://shakesqueer.home.blog/

Beatrice is a 24-year-old trans woman from the Orkney Islands. She currently works in retail, but over the past 2 years, has been uploading film reviews to her blog Shakesqueer. Since a very young age, she has adored film and her interest spiked in her early teens when she realised she could write film reviews professionally. Through the Young Critics programme she is hoping to further her writing skills, and learn how to make her first big steps into the industry.


A young person wearing brown rimmed glasses and a blue jumper

Nathaniel Ashley

Nathaniel Ashley is a film critic and freelance journalist currently based in Devon. Having worked as Film and TV Editor for The Student Newspaper and Review Producer for Edinburgh University Television, he also writes for his blog Natflix. With a love for everything from the latest superhero blockbusters to cult classics and B-movies, he brings a no-nonsense approach to his reviews and essays. You can find him on Twitter, or you can find his blog page on Facebook.


A young person with short brown hair wearing a white jumper

Sungleen Moon

IG @sungleen

Letterboxd: @sungleen

Sungleen is a 19-year-old struggling student by day and a film fanatic who loves to write by night! Sungleen is Korean, and grew up with East Asian cinema blaring in the background. For a long time she felt that non-western stories would be confined to the background. Now, she sees others embracing East Asian cinema, something she partly ascribes to the success of Bong Joon Ho. She is very excited about exploring all the diverse storytelling in this year’s EIFF lineup!


A young person with blonde hair and round glasses, wearing a flowery top

Leeza Isaeva

Instagram: @leez.a

Twitter: @leeza_i

Leeza Isaeva is a final-year history undergraduate, occasional freelance journalist, and enthusiastic Letterboxd user. As a historian, she specialises in gender and sexuality, which broadly translates to spending lots of time thinking about queer cinema. In addition to film, she is interested in wider cultural journalism, including music and literature.


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Xuanlin Tham

Xuanlin Tham is currently studying Politics at the University of Edinburgh. As a non-binary Singaporean, Xuanlin’s perspective is informed by both a deep curiosity for the craft of filmmaking and the sociopolitical context of the medium’s existence. They are especially interested in examining film from queer, (eco)feminist, decolonial, and more-than-human lenses. They love strange movies that grapple with the unstable boundaries of what it means to be human, movies about queer joy, and movies about priests.


A young person with short brown hair, wearing a blue t shirt.

Jack Richardson

IG: @itsmejaaaack

Twitter: @itsj_richardson

Jack is a student at the University of Edinburgh and an aspiring film critic. He also hosts and produces the film podcast ‘Edi Film Club’ for the Fresh Air student radio station. Jack is passionate about all kinds of films, from animation to experimental and everything in between. His other interests include cooking, video games, and foreign languages.


A young person with long brown hair, wearing a red top.

Alix Hudson

Twitter: @alixhdsn

Alix (she/her) studies History at the University of Edinburgh, and as a student, she works with pro-choice campaign Back Off Scotland and is editor at feminist student magazine, SE7EN Edinburgh. Outside of her own site, she has written essays for Screen Queens and Film Daze. She loves big-budget disaster flicks and rom-coms, and her favourite film is Princess Mononoke.


A young person with long brown braids.

Lauren Musa-Green

Twitter: @laurenmusa_

Lauren Musa-Green is a 19-year-old film enthusiast from Birmingham. She is about to begin studying Film and Television at the University of Edinburgh after studying the subject in an A-Level setting, along with Media Studies and English Literature. Her interest in

Film Criticism expands beyond academia. She enjoys creating journalistic essays - recently having been featured in The Guardian and Galdem for a piece detailing her Diasporic experience.