An audience hit at Sundance and Sheffield Doc/Fest, this moving documentary interrogates ableism via a filmmaker’s personal journey.

Dir. Ella Glendining / United Kingdom / 2023 / English

Ella Glendining begins her documentary on a quest: seeking other people who share her rare disability. From her base in Brighton, she scans Facebook groups and plans flights. But pretty soon a global pandemic, pregnancy, and life get in the way. While this puts her journey on hold in some ways, it also gives time for her to open the documentary up to her world, as we follow her daily life and she speaks with wit and candour about the barriers – social, architectural, medical – that are constantly put in her way. Mixing gorgeous use of home movies and insightful chat with friends, this smart and engaging documentary asks many questions of inclusion, just as it illuminates the way we seek ourselves in others.

Rafa Sales Ross, Film Programmer