Jekyll and Hyde trade London for Edinburgh in Hope Dickson Leach’s cinematic retelling of the gothic classic.

Dir. Hope Dickson Leach / United Kingdom / 2023 / English

The sinuous alleys and many staircases of nocturnal Edinburgh replace London’s old town in Hope Dickson Leach’s Scottish retelling of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novella, originally created as a live hybrid performance with the National Theatre of Scotland. The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde finds inspiration in gothic cinema while maintaining its intimate theatrical feel, bringing to life this tale of good and evil told through a lawyer’s investigation of a series of macabre murders. Emphasising themes of capitalistic greed and unscrupulous social ascension, this interpretation is sure to echo with audiences attuned to the current political climate. A chilling chance to see Edinburgh in all of its shadowy glory on the big screen.

Rafa Sales Ross, Film Programmer