Twisted grief and paranoia run through the veins of this gritty Scottish thriller.

Dir. Rodger Griffiths / United Kingdom / 2023 / English

A hunting trip turns deadly when three brothers (Daniel Portman, Calum Ross and Brian Vernel) plot to take out their temperamental, abusive father (Paul Higgins). Determined to end the cycle of abuse that has already claimed their mother, the boys bury him in the forest. But returning later to the shallow grave, there is a problem. The body is not there. The darkest of takes on the daddy issues drama, Rodger Griffiths’ debut feature coaxes star-making performances from an exceptional cast of Scottish talent. Building a deeply claustrophobic tone, from the dense forest landscape, to the brothers’ emotionally damaged inner worlds, Griffiths blends a thoughtful exploration of generational trauma and toxic masculinity with the grit of classic thrillers.

Anna Bogutskaya, Film and Talks Programmer