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Young Critics Reviews | Ninjababy by Lauren Musa-Green

3 September 2021

Laughter, pity and an undeniable sense of intrigue are all evoked within the opening seconds of Ninjababy, “Sperm. That shit sucks.”, are the first words we hear from eccentric graphic designer...

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Young Critics Reviews | Bridging the Gap by Xuanlin Tham

3 September 2021

The world has had to slow down over the past eighteen months. Our rhythms have been disrupted; revealing the dysfunction that lies beneath, normally drowned out by the thunderous drone of...

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Young Critics Reviews | Rebel Dykes by Beatrice Copland

3 September 2021

I persist because I choose to. These are some of Neo’s final words to Agent Smith in The Matrix Revolutions. They are also an excellently defiant cry for the LGBT+ Community in times of hardship...

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Young Critics Reviews | The Justice of Bunny King by Sungleen Moon

3 September 2021

There are rare moments in cinema where the female character is allowed to be raw, passionate, and angry without the film without the film condemning her. Gaysorn Thavat’s theatrical debut, The...

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Young Critics Reviews | Stop-Zemlia by Alix Hudson

3 September 2021

There is something enchanting about the lighting of teenagers’ bedrooms. The teenage bedroom is a cultural icon, immediately recognisable, normally littered with posters or placards, either a mess...

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Young Critics Reviews | Mandibles by Leeza Isaeva

3 September 2021

Part-heist movie, part-parenting comedy, Mandibles is the latest in French filmmaker Quentin Dupieux’s canon of surrealist films. This time, he’s turned away from inanimate objects - evidenced in...

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