Scheme Birds

Gemma is a Scheme Bird. She lives in a fading Scottish steel town, filled with casual violence and crime. This is a beautifully shot documentary which captures coming of age in a forgotten environment. - Jemma, EIFF Young Programmer



Sometimes unexpected things happen for a reason..  Aurora is a party girl running from responsibility, and Darian is an Iranian refugee running for his life.  A chance meeting at a hotdog stand brings the unlikely pair together in this engaging comedy drama from Finnish Director Mila Tervo. - Georgia, EIFF Young Programmer


Memory: The Origins of Alien

I’ve been borderline obsessed with Ridley Scott’s Alien at different times in my life, so this is not only right up my street – this is my street. The mysterious art design and mythological overtones are why I love the 1979 classic, and I can’t wait to get stuck into it all. Join me, fellow nerds. - James Erwin, Marketing Officer, Belmont Filmhouse


The Grizzlies

The Grizzlies is a gritty and honest insight into the difficulties of growing up in the isolated culture of Kugluktuk, a small town in the Arctic.  Without giving too much away, The Grizzlies is bold, refreshing and unlike anything I have seen before.  Definitely watch this movie. - Yasmin, EIFF Young Programmer


So Pretty

I am looking forward to seeing So Pretty. It looks like such a tender exploration of queer identity with a specific focus on trans voices which is so necessary right now. I've never seen any work of the director Jessie Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli before so I am very intrigued. -  Fiona Halliday, Filmhouse Front of House Assistant.​​​​​​

Extreme Job
Extreme Job

Extreme Job

Korean fried chicken meets drug squad police comedy, sounds delicious 🍗👮 - Lewis Hammond, Promotions Volunteer


The Souvenir 

From a fantastic female director who typically fails to disappoint, I’m excited to see Joanna Hogg’s latest work, The Souvenir. - Suzey Ingold, EIFF Industry Venue Manager



Really keen to see Firecrackers! Sounds like a film full of joy and set in a city I love 😁 - Innes Goodall, Youth Advisory Group



When a basketball coach gets into trouble with the law, his community service opens his eyes to the world of disabilities and possibilities. This feel good dramedy was a huge Spanish hit and won the Best Picture Goya in 2018. - Dan, EIFF Young Programmer



Because FIGHTS and ANGRY NERDS - Ana Moraes, EIFF Industry & Talent Development Officer

Them That Follow
Them That Follow

Them That Follow

Can't wait to see this ❤️🐍 - EIFF Industry Team


Losers, Werewolves, Murderers - Spanish Web in the Cinema

Queer narratives!  Post-apocalyptic survival!  Desktop drama!  Vegan animation!  Political murder mystery!  There’s literally nothing in this programme I’m not excited about, and nothing that suits my scatty attention span better than a chance to dive into a short sampler from six Spanish webseries. - Marc David Jacobs, EIFF Programme Coordinator


Manta Ray

A quietly captivating, hypnotic, and ethereal Thai drama with shades of the great Apichatpong Weerasethakul. Vivid cinematography, a hushed score, and a meditative tone elevate this to a level of pure cinema and visual storytelling. Also film of the year material. - Cieran McCusker, EIFF Submissions Viewer 


The Art of Self-Defense

Super excited for The Art of Self-Defense. I've wanted to see it since the trailer dropped and I couldn't be happier that it's showing at EIFF! - Maddy Reay, Youth Advisory Team


McLaren Animation 2 

If Brexit is making your blood boil, you may be as agitated as some of the animators in the second of our McLaren Award selections. - Iain Gardner, EIFF Animation Programmer