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Fantastic Planet (La planète sauvage)

Part of the Retrospective: The Future Is History Strand

René Laloux

  • PG

  • 72 mins

  • 1973

  • France, Czech Republic

  • French

Jennifer Drake, Eric Baugin, Sylvie Lenoir, Jean Topart, Jean Valmont

  • Director of Photography: Boris Baromykin,Lubomir Rejthar

  • Editor: Hélène Arnal, Dick Elliott, Rich Harrison, Marta Látalová

  • Produced by: Simon Damiani, André Valio-Cavaglione

  • Music: Alain Goraguer

  • Screenplay by: Roland Topor, René Laloux

Director Bio

René Laloux

Director Bio

René Laloux (1929-2004) was a French animator and film director known for Fantastic Planet (1973), Gandahar (1988), and Time Masters (1982).


Winner of a special jury prize at the 26th Cannes in 1973, Laloux’s first feature was the product of an ongoing collaboration with renowned artist Roland Topor. Having already produced two striking shorts together, Les temps mort (1964) and Les escargots (1965), Laloux and Topor set to work on this unforgettable adaptation of Stefan Wul’s novel, Oms en Série. A fantastic allegorical tale of humans being kept as pets by a race of blue giants, La planète sauvage is a milestone in the history of animated cinema.

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